Paul Skelley

Laboratory Technician IV
Non-insect Arthropods (not Acari), Thysanoptera, Diptera (some Coleoptera)
Phone: 352-372-3505 x 424
Fax: 352-334-0737
s-Mail: PO Box 147100,Gainesville, FL 32614-7100
Ph.D. University of Florida, 1994

My work at FDACS - FSCA is focused on non-insect Arthropods (arachnids, millipedes, centipedes, etc., not mites), Thysanoptera, and Diptera. Primarily these duties involve curation and maintenance of those parts of the collection, and support activities for the entomologists in charge of those areas. Other duties involve tours of the FSCA facilities, acting as a host for visitors, routine identifications... generally I am a jack-of-all-trades.

After hours research focuses on Coleoptera, at present Erotylidae, Scarabaeidae, and Histeridae. Research on the Erotylidae is primarily systematics and taxonomy of American members. I have several manuscripts in preparation describing many new taxa, as well as working on a higher level phylogenetic analysis for the family.

Research on the Scarabaeidae and Histeridae is primarily focused on members in the southeastern US. One large project nearing completion is a faunal survey of the insects associated with the southeastern pocket gopher. I am, however, interested in learning more about aphodiine scarabs from around the world.

For the Scarabaeidae (Aphodiinae) and the Erotylidae, I am building a world-wide reference collections for current and future research. Requests for exchanges that benefit both you (or your institution) and the FSCA are welcome.

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