Susan E. Halbert

Taxonomic Entomologist
Curator of Homoptera (except scales and whiteflies) and Hemiptera
Phone: (352) 395-4670
Fax: (352) 395-4832
s-Mail: Post Office Box 147100,Gainesville, Florida 32614-7100
PhD: University of Illinois

Susan Halbert is responsible for identifications of Hemiptera except for scales and whiteflies. She specializes in aphids and psyllids.

Her research interests are biology and taxonomy of aphids and psyllids, especially with respect to plant pathogen transmission and pest complexes on agricultural crops. She has ongoing projects on citrus greening (huanglongbing), transmitted by psyllids, and Texas Phoenix palm decline, transmitted by an unknown planthopper.

She enjoys international adventures and has spent time doing research in China and collecting biological control agents for Russian wheat aphid in the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. She works with a group of scientists from Southeast Asia on citrus greening.


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