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Family Staphylinidae

The rove beetles

Prepared by Randall W. Lundgren, reviewed and supplemented by J.H. Frank, J.M. Campbell, A.F. Newton, M.K Thayer, and A. Smetana.

The classification and composition of the Staphylinidae have undergone significant changes in recent years (Newton and Thayer 1992, Lawrence and Newton 1995). An attempt has been made to follow these changes in the following list. With these and other published changes and additions, the 324 species in 122 genera listed by Frank (1986) (excluding Pselaphidae, Micropeplidae, Scaphidiidae, etc.) now total 399 species in 130 genera. Of those, seven are reported here for the first time. The total fauna was estimated by Frank (1986) to be at least 450 species. Frank and Thomas (1991) give a summary of the major groups in Florida. Most species ranges are not yet well enough known but most are widespread in the southeastern United States. If distributions are not available from recent revisions, we give distributional data from Moore and Legner (1975).

Literature cited is restricted to references not listed in Frank (1986) or those with an especially strong relevance to Florida. See the Appendix for species excluded from the Florida fauna.

Subfamily Omaliinae

Tribe Coryphiini

Ephelinus Cockerell

Eudectus Redtenbacher

Tribe Omaliini

Omalium Gravenhorst

Hapalaraea Thomson

Subfamily Proteininae

Tribe Proteinini

Proteinus Latreille

Subfamily Pselaphinae

The ant-like litter beetles

Corrected and supplemented by D.S. Chandler, October 1991, January 1992, November 1995; R. Lundgren, July 1995

Supertribe Bythinoplectitae

Tribe Mayetiini

Mayetia Mulsant and Rey

Supertribe Euplectitae

Tribe Trogastrini

Conoplectus Brendel (see Carlton 1983)

Rhexius LeConte (see Chandler 1990)

Tribe Euplectini

Acolonia Casey (see Wagner 1975)

Dalmosella Casey (see Chandler 1990)

Euplectus Leach (see Wagner 1975)

Lemelba Park

Leptoplectus Casey (see Wagner 1975)

Melba Casey (see Chandler 1990)

Pseudactium Casey (see Carlton and Chandler 1994)

Pycnoplectus Casey (see Wagner 1975)

Pygmactium Shuster and Grigarick

Racemia Casey

Rhinoscepsis LeConte

Thesiastes Casey (see Chandler 1990)

Thesium Casey (see Chandler 1990)

Trimiomelba Casey (see Chandler 1990)

Trimioplectus Brendel (see Chandler 1990)

n.gen. nr. Thesiastes

Supertribe Batrisitae

Tribe Batrisini

Arthmius LeConte

Batriasymmodes Park (see Park 1965)

Batrisodes Reitter (see Park 1947)

Supertribe Goniaceritae

Tribe Brachyglutini

Anchylarthron Brendel

Briaraxis Brendel (see Chandler 1992)

Brachygluta Thomson

Decarthron Brendel (see Park 1958)

Eupsenius LeConte

Eutrichites LeConte (see Carlton 1989)

Nisaxis Casey

Reichenbachia Leach (see Chandler 1989)

Rybaxis Saulcy

Tribe Tychini

Custotychus Park and Wagner

Cylindrarctus Shaufuss (see Chandler 1988)

Supertribe Pselaphitae

Tribe Pselaphini

Pselaphus Herbst

Tribe Tyrini

Cedius LeConte (see Park 1949)

Circocerus Motschulsky

Hamotus Aubé

Tyrus Aubé

Tribe Tmesiphorini

Tmesiphorus LeConte

Tribe Ctenistini

Atinus Horn

Pilopius Casey

Subfamily Tachyporinae

Tribe Mycetoporini

Bryoporus Kraatz (see Campbell 1993)

Ischnosoma Stephens (see Campbell 1991a)

Lordithon Thomson

Mycetoporus Mannerheim (see Campbell 1991a)

Tribe Tachyporini

Coproporus Kraatz

Sepedophilus Gistel

Tachinus Gravenhorst

Tachyporus Gravenhorst

Subfamily Aleocharinae

Tribe Trichopseniini

Trichopsenius Horn

Xenistusa LeConte

Tribe Hypocyphtini

Oligota Mannerheim

Tribe Mesoporini

Anacyptus Horn

Tribe Deinopsini

Adinopsis Cameron

Deinopsis Matthews

Tribe Myllaenini

Myllaena Erichson (see Frank et al. 1989; Klimaszewski and Frank 1992)

Tribe Aleocharini

Aleochara Gravenhorst

Tribe Hoplandriini

Hoplandria Kraatz (see Génier 1989)

Tinotus Sharp

Tribe Falagriini

Aleodorus Say

Borboropora Kraatz

Falagria Leach

Leptagria Casey

Lissagria Casey

Myrmecocephalus Macleay

Tribe Athetini

Acrotona Thomson

Asthenesita Casey

Charoxus Sharp

Trichiusa Casey

Tribe Oxypodini

Dexiogyia Thomson

Gnypeta Thomson

Meronera Sharp

Oxypoda Mannerheim

Tribe Lomechusini

Apalonia Casey

Dinocoryna Casey

Ecitocala Frank

Ecitoxenidia Wasmann

Microdonia Casey

Zyras Stephens

Tribe Homalotini

Agaricochara Kraatz

Silusida Casey

Cephaloxynum Bernhauer

Coenonica Kraatz

Diestota Mulsant and Rey

Eumicrota Casey

Gyrophaena Mannerheim

Heterota Mulsant and Rey

Homalota Mannerheim

Phanerota Casey

Schistacme Notman

Thecturota Casey

Tribe Placusini

Euvira Sharp

Placusa Erichson

Tribe Philotermitini

Philotermes Kraatz

Subfamily Scaphidiinae

The shining fungus beetles

checked by K. Stephan and I. Löbl, March 1993; R.A.B. Leschen, June 1995

Tribe Cypariini

Cyparium Erichson

Tribe Scaphisomatini

Baeocera Erichson (see Löbl and Stephan 1993)

Caryoscapha Ganglbauer (see Löbl 1987)

Scaphisoma Leach (see Leschen et al. 1990)

Tribe Toxidiini

Toxidium LeConte

Subfamily Piestinae

Hypotelus Erichson

Subfamily Osoriinae

Tribe Glyptomini

Espeson Schaufuss

Tribe Thoracophorini

Clavilispinus Bernhauer

Nacaeus Blackwelder

Thoracophorus Motschulsky

Tribe Osoriini

Holotrochus Erichson

Osorius Latreille

Subfamily Oxytelinae

Tribe Coprophilini

Bledius Leach

Carpelimus Leach

Manda Blackwelder

Thinobius Kiesenwetter

Thinodromus Kraatz

Tribe Oxytelini

Anotylus Thomson

Apocellus Erichson

Oxytelus Gravenhorst

Platystethus Mannerheim

Subfamily Oxyporinae

Oxyporus Fabricius

Subfamily Megalopsidiinae

Megalopinus Eichelbaum

Subfamily Steninae

Stenus Latreille

Subfamily Euaesthetinae

Tribe Euaesthetini

Edaphus Motschulsky

Euaesthetus Gravenhorst

Subfamily Leptotyphlinae

Tribe Neotyphlini

Cubanotyphlus Coiffait and Decou

Subfamily Paederinae

Tribe Pinophilini

Araeocerus Nordmann

Palaminus Erichson

Pinophilus Gravenhorst

Tribe Paederini

Achenomorphus Motschulsky

Acrostilicus Hubbard

Astenus Dejean

Biocrypta Casey

Dacnochilus LeConte

Echiaster Erichson

Homaeotarsus Hochhuth

Lathrobium Gravenhorst

Lithocharis Dejean

Lobrathium Mulsant and Rey

Myrmecosaurus Wasmann

Ophioomma Notman

Paederus Fabricius

Rugilus Samouelle

Scopaeus Erichson

Stamnoderus Sharp

Stilicopsis Sachse

Sunius Curtis

Thinocharis Kraatz

Subfamily Staphylininae

Tribe Diochini

Diochus Erichson

Tribe Xantholinini

Lepitacnus Smetana

Lithocharodes Sharp

Microlinus Casey

Neohypnus Coiffait and Saiz

Neoxantholinus Cameron

Nudobius Thomson

Oxybleptes Smetana (see Smetana 1988)

Phacophallus Coiffait

Tribe Staphylinini

Acylophorus Nordmann

Anaquedius Casey

Atanygnathus Reitter

Belonuchus Nordmann (see Smetana 1995)

Bisnius Stephens (see Smetana 1995)

Cafius Curtis

Creophilus Samouelle

Erichsonius Fauvel

Gabronthus Tottenham

Hemiquedius Casey

Hesperus Fauvel (see Smetana 1995)

Heterothops Stephens

Laetulonthus Moore and Legner

Neobisnius Ganglbauer

Ontholestes Ganglbauer

Philonthus Stephens (see Smetana 1995)

Platydracus Thomson (under revision by Newton)

Quedius Stephens

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