Special Collections at the Museum of Entomology: Immature Insects

John B. Heppner, Curator
D. H. Habeck, Resident Research Associate (Immature Insects)

The Museum of Entomology (FSCA) has possibly the largest collection of immature insects in the world, comprising about 49,000 vials with a total of over 550,000 specimens preserved in alcohol. Major components of these holdings are the collections of J. T. Goodwin (Diptera: Tabanidae), D. H. Habeck (esp. Lepidoptera), J. B. Heppner (esp. Lepidoptera), R. B. Selander (Coleoptera: esp. Meloidae), L. A. Stange (Neuroptera), M. J. Westfall, Jr. (Odonata), and F. N. Young, Jr. (esp. aquatic Coleoptera). There also are large holdings of immature Ephemeroptera and Trichoptera, mostly on indefinite loan to Florida A&M University (includes the collections of W. M. Beck, L. Berner, G. F. Edmunds, Jr., and W. L. Peters). The largest additions to the immatures collection have been the D. H. Habeck collection (over 20,000 vials) and the M. J. Westfall, Jr. collection of Odonata immatures (12,000 vials with a total of over 130,000 specimens). Although the immatures collection has specimens from all regions of the world, the majority of specimens are from the southeastern United States.

Special immature insect archives include extensive holdings of books and papers on immature insects, plus immature insect image files (both color slides and copies of published illustrations).

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