Florida State Collection of Arthropods
Museum of Entomology - Gainesville

Genus Procecidochares Hendel


Order: Diptera - True Flies

Family: Tephritidae - Fruit Flies

Procecidochares Hendel, 1941, Wien. Entomol, Zeitscher. 33:91. Type species; Trypeta atra Loew.

Predominantly black with distinct dark bands on wing. Easily differentiated from Oedespinae by having a swollen, shining black scutellum and contrasting yellowish-white mesonotal hairs. Head and body bristles black. Only 1 pair of upper fronto-orbital bristles. One pair of dorsocentral bristles always situated immmediately behind the transverse suture, presutural dorsocentrals sometimes absent. Scutellum with 2 pairs of long bristles. Wing hyaline, with dark brown to black basal spot and 3 transverse to oblique bands. the proximal 2 bands connected to each other to from a broad inverted V-band, the oblique distal band lies close to costa. The abdomen densely covered with yellowish long setae usually intermixed with darker setae.

The wing pattern, head structure and mesonotal adornments are similar to members of the genus Procecidocharoides; a rather distantly reated genus within the same subfamily. The genus is largely North American with 3 of 9 known species occurring in Florida. Litle is known of the species, many are gallmakers on various plants;


 Key to the Florida species of Procecidochares

1. Two pairs of dorsocentral bristles, 1 anterior and 1 posterior to the suture; legs with black femora - 2
1'. One pair of dorsocentral bristles, always posterior to the suture; legs wholly yellow - polita Loew

2. Acrostichal setae running into a large group of setae before the suture, filling the space between the dorsocentrals; the distal dark bend touches the apical margin just anterior of vein R4+5 - australis Aldrich
2'. Acrostichal setae in a single or double row anteriorly; the distal dark band touches the apical margin behind the vein M1+2 - atra Loew



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