Florida State Collection of Arthropods
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Procecidochares atra (Loew), 1862


Order: Diptera - True Flies

Family: Tephritidae - Fruit Flies



Trypeta atra Loew, 1862, Berlin Entomol. Zeitsch. 6:210. Holotype o. Type locality: New York.




Size: body 3.0-4.0 mm; wing 2.7-3.0 mm (N=5).

Wing pattern: Wing pattern with 3 dark brown bands. The 2 proximal bands connected anteriorly to form an inverted V-band that extends to anal wing margin; the oblique distal band reaching the apical wing margin behind vein M1+2 and separated from the proximal band.

Body color: Abdomen black, the dorsum covered with white setae intermixed with distinct black hairs.

Oviscape: Female ovipositor long, approximately 3.0 mm. Ovipositor sheath black, dorsum covered with numerous black hairs, about 1.5 mm long.  


North America: Kansas to Maine; South to Florida

Florida: Northern Florida: Duval County, Atlantic Beach (Johnson 1895). (This record may refer to P. australis rather than P. atra, as P. australis was not recognized prior to Aldrich (1915). Confirmed records from Bay and Madison Counties.


Natural History


In Florida, appears restricted to Solidago canadensis L. var. scabra (Muhl. ex Willd.)Torr. & A.Gray.



-Habitat: Roadsides and old fields containing the host.


-Larval Stages:

Larvae are found in leafy galls on aerial portions of the host.

-Phenology: In Florida, galls containing puparia have been found in October. Adults emerged soon after collection.



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