Florida State Collection of Arthropods
Museum of Entomology - Gainesville

Eurosta lateralis (Wiedemann), 1830


Order: Diptera - True Flies

Family: Tephritidae - Fruit Flies






Trypeta lateralis Wiedemann 1830
Trypeta donysa Walker 1849
Eurosta nicholsoni Benjamin 1934




North America: Known only from Florida.

Florida: Known only from Brevard County. Appears to be restricted to the Atlantic Coastal Scrub region of the Titusville area and Merritt Island.*

* Johnson (1895) recorded E. solidaginis from "Biscayne Bay" and "Charlette Harbor" collected by Slossom. These localities are well beyond the present distribution for the host of E. solidaginis in Florida and there is little reason to assume a substantially different situation in the latter 1800's. Given that E. lateralis may have been unknown to Johnson and Slossom, it is possible that the Slossom specimens represent now extirpated populations of this species from coastal scrubs of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of southern Florida. The Slossom specimens have not been located, if they still exist.  

Natural History


Restricted to Solidago odora Aiton var. chapmanii (A.Gray) Cronquist



Adults emerge in March after overwintering as early instar larvae in round (usually) aerial galls in the host. Specific details are unknown, but females are expected to oviposit in emergent shoots for that year as E. solidaginis. Appear to form colonies. Absent from most areas of what would appear to be suitable habitat.


Generally found in scrubby areas having an oak overstory; at the edges or at interfaces.


-Larval Stages:

-Flight Time:

Late winter through early spring, peaking in March.


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