Florida State Collection of Arthropods
Museum of Entomology - Gainesville

Eurosta floridensis Foote, 1977


Order: Diptera - True Flies

Family: Tephritidae - Fruit Flies






Eurosta comma: Benjamin (1934)




North America: Restricted to the southeastern coastal plain. Recorded from Florida and South Carolina.

Florida: Northern and central Florida.


Natural History


The only known host is the Pine-Barren Goldenrod, Solidago fistulosa Mill.


Univoltine. The life history is assumed to be similar to the sister species E. comma; after emergence in the fall mating takes place on or near the host followed by oviposition into emerging shoots and/or the rhizome. Overwintering as egg or early instar with gall formation initiating during the following summer. Pupariation during September-October shortly before emergence.


Generally low, often wet, marshes, roadside ditches, swales, and fields containing the host.

-Larval Stages:

-Flight Time:

Fall to early winter; peaking in or about October.


Benjamin 1934

Foote et al 1994

Ming 1989