Triplax Herbst 1793
There are 18 species of this worldwide genus in America north of Mexico (Boyle 1962, Goodrich & Skelley 1997). They are often found in soft bracket fungi, particularly Inonotus spp. and Pleurotus spp. Larvae are known for many species, but none have been formally described.

Triplax alachuae Boyle 1956. "Alachua Triplax" Skelley 1994b; SE.US
Triplax californica antica LeConte 1861; W.US-CAN
Triplax californica californica LeConte 1854; W.US-CAN
Triplax cuneata Boyle 1954a; W.US-CAN
Triplax dissimulator (Crotch 1873a); E.US-CAN
Triplax errans Boyle 1956; S.US (TX)-MEX
Triplax festiva Lacordaire 1842; E.US
Triplax flavicollis Lacordaire 1842; CAN-E.US-Cent.AMER
Triplax frontalis Horn 1862. "Black-Headed Triplax" Skelley 1994b; E.US
Triplax frosti Casey 1924; E.US-CAN
Triplax lacensis Boyle 1954a; W.US
Triplax macra LeConte 1854; E.US
Triplax marcescens Boyle 1954a; SW.US
Triplax mesosternalis Schaeffer 1905; SW.US-MEX
Triplax microgaster Boyle 1954a; W.US
Triplax puncticeps Casey 1916; E.US
Triplax thompson i Boyle 1962; SW.US-MEX
Triplax thoracica Say 1825; US-CAN
Triplax wehrlei Boyle 1954a; SW.US-MEX

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