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Family Tenebrionidae

(+ Lagriidae and Alleculidae)

The darkling beetles

Reviewed, corrected, and supplemented by C.A. Triplehorn, May 1993, May 1995; R. Aalbu, June 1993; J. Doyen, March 1994; W.E. Steiner Jr., January 1997.

The higher classification and generic placement used here follows that of Aalbu (ms 1992).

Division Lagriiformes

Subfamily Lagriinae

The long-jointed bark beetles

Tribe Statirini

Statira Serville (see Parsons 1975)

Tribe Goniaderini

Anaedus Blanchard

Paratenetus Spinola

Tribe Lupropini

Prateus LeConte

Subfamily Phrenapatinae

Tribe Penetini

Dioedus LeConte

Division Pimeliiformes

Subfamily Pimeliinae

Tribe Epitragini

(see Freude 1967)

Bothrotes Casey

Epitragodes Casey

Schoenicus LeConte

Tribe Trientomini

Trientoma Solier

Tribe Coniontini

Branchus LeConte

Division Tenebrioformes

Diaperine Lineage

Subfamily Diaperinae

Tribe Phalerini

Phaleria Latreille (see Triplehorn and Watrous1979)

Tribe Rhipidandrini

Rhipidandrus LeConte
= Cherostus Waterhouse

Tribe Bolitophagini

Bolitophagus Illiger

Bolitotherus Candèze

Tribe Diaperini

Subtribe Adelinina

Adelina Dejean
= Doliema Pascoe

Gnatocerus Thunberg

Sitophagus Mulsant

Subtribe Diaperina

Diaperis Geoffroy (see Triplehorn, 1965)

Liodema Horn

Neomida Latreille
= Hoplocephala Laporte and Brullé

Ulomoides Blackburn
= Martianus Fairmaire
= Palembus Casey

Platydema Laporte and Brullé

Tribe Crypticini

Gondwanocrypticus Español
= Crypticus Latreille

Poecilocrypticus Gebien

Tribe Trachyscelini

Trachyscelis Latreille

Subfamily Hypophloeinae

Tribe Hypophloeini

Corticeus Piller and Mitterpacher (see Triplehorn 1990)

Subfamily Opatrinae

Tribe Opatrini

Blapstinus Latreille (based on unpublished Ph.D. thesis of J.C. Davis)

Cybotus Casey

Idiobates Casey

Pseudephalus Casey

Ulus Horn

Tribe Platynotini

Opatrinus Latreille

Tribe Leichenini

Leichenum Blanchard

Tribe Ulomini

Eutochia LeConte

Hypogena Dejean

Uloma Laporte

Tribe Helopini

Helops Fabricius

Nautes Pascoe

Tarpela Bates

Subfamily Tenebrioninae

Tribe Triboliini

Latheticus Waterhouse

Lyphia Mulsant and Rey

Palorus Mulsant

Tharsus LeConte

Tribolium MacLeay

Tribe Alphitobiini

Alphitobius Stephens

Tribe Tenebrionini

Neatus LeConte

Tenebrio Linnaeus

Zophobas Blanchard (see Tschinkel 1984)

Tribe Amarygmini

Cymatothes Solier
= Pyanisia Laporte

Meracantha Kirby

Subfamily Alleculinae

The comb-clawed beetles

reviewed and corrected by J. M. Campbell April 1993

Tribe Alleculini

Andrimus Casey

Androchirus LeConte

Charisius Champion

Hymenochara Campbell

Hymenorus Mulsant

Isomira Mulsant

Lobopoda Solier

Mycetochara Berthold

Onychomira Campbell (see Campbell 1984)

Subfamily Coelometopinae

Tribe Coelometopini

Alobates Motschulsky

Centronopus Solier

Glyptotus LeConte

Haplandrus LeConte

Merinus LeConte

Polypleurus Eschscholtz

Polopinus Casey (see Kritsky 1989)

Xylopinus LeConte

Tribe Talanini

Talanus Mäklin (see Triplehorn 1968)
= Dignamptus LeConte

Tribe Strongyliini

Strongylium Kirby (see Triplehorn and Spilman 1973)

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