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Family Ptiliidae

(+ Limulodidae)

The feather-wing beetles

reviewed by M. Sorenson, June 1993; W.E. Hall, January 1996

Subfamily Ptiliinae

Actidium Matthews

Actinopteryx Matthews (see Dybas 1976)

Bambara Vuillet (see Dybas 1966; for synonyms, Johnson 1985)
= Eurygyne Dybas

Millidium Motschulsky (separate from Ptilium)

Nossidium Erichson

Ptenidium Erichson

Ptiliola Haldeman
=Nanoptilium Flack

Ptilium Gyllenhal (see Dybas 1990)

Ptinella Motschulsky

Ptinellodes Matthews (see Dybas 1978)

Subfamily Nanosellinae

Florida records for this subfamily were supplied by W.E. Hall

Nanosella Motschulsky

Throscoptilium Barber

Suterina Dybas

Subfamily Cephaloplectinae


Limulodes Matthews

Subfamily Acrotrichinae

Acrotrichis Motschulsky

Nephanes Thomson

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