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Family Nitidulidae

(+ Cybocephalidae)

The sap beetles

reviewed and corrected by E.J. Ford, February 1994; R.A.B. Leschen, June 1995; J. Jelinek, June 1995; D.H. Habeck, July 1995; records are based on literature and specimens in the FSCA and collection of D.H. Habeck

Subfamily Cybocephalinae

Cybocephalus Erickson

Subfamily Cillaeinae

(see Kiretjshuk 1986)

Brachypeplus Erichson

Colopterus Erickson

Conotelus Erichson (see Jelinek and Evans 1982)

Subfamily Carpophilinae

(see Kirejtshuk 1986)

Amphicrossus Erichson

Carpophilus Stephens

Epuraea Erichson

Urophorus Murray

Subfamily Nitidulinae

Amphotis Erichson

Cychramus Kugelmann

Lobiopa Erichson

Nitidula Fabricius

Omosita Erichson

Oxycnemus Erichson

Pallodes Erichson

Phenolia Erichson

Prometopia Erichson

Stelidota Erichson

Thalycra Erichson

Subfamily Cryptarchinae

Cryptarcha Shuckard

Glischrochilus Reitter

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