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Family Hydrophilidae

The water scavenger beetles

reviewed and supplemented by R. Roughley, August 1992

Subfamily Helophorinae

Helophorus Fabricius

Subfamily Hydrophilinae

Anacaena Thomson

Berosus Leach

Chaetarthria Stephens

Cymbiodyta Bedel

Derallus Sharp

Dibolocelus Bedel

Enochrus Thomson

Helobata Bergroth

Helochares Mulsant

Helocombus Horn

Hydrobius Leach

Hydrochara Berthold

Hydrochus Leach

Hydrophilus O.F. Müller

Neohydrophilus D'Orchymont
=Hydrobiomorpha Blackburn

Paracymus Thomson

Sperchopsis LeConte

Tropisternus Solier

Subfamily Sphaeridiinae

Tribe Sphaeridiini

Dactylosternum Wollaston

Phaenonotum Sharp

Tribe Cercyonini

Cercyon Leach

Oosternum Sharp

Pelosoma Mulsant

Tribe Megasternini

Cryptopleurum Mulsant

Tribe Omicrini

Cycrillum Knisch

Omicrus Sharp

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