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Family Histeridae

The hister beetles

reviewed and supplemented by R. Wenzel and P. Kovarik, November 1992; R. Wenzel, January 1996

The higher categories used here follow that of Mazur (1984); the arrangement is that of Lawrence and Newton (1995). The list follows a Florida list by R. Wenzel (ms 1986).

Subfamily Abraeinae

Tribe Acritini

Acritus LeConte

Aeletes Horn

Halacritis Schmidt

Tribe Teretriini

(see Mazur 1984)

Teretrius Erichson

Teretriosoma Horn

Tribe Plegaderini

Plegaderus Erichson

Subfamily Saprininae

Chelyoxenus Hubbard

Euspilotus Lewis
= Hesperosaprinus Wenzel

Geomysaprinus Ross

Gnathoncus Duval

Hypocaccus Thomson

Saprinus Erichson

Xerosaprinus Wenzel

Subfamily Dendrophilinae

Anapleus Horn

Bacanius LeConte

Carcinops Marseul

Dendrophilus Leach

Geocolus Wenzel

Paromalus Erichson

Platylomalus Cooman

Xestipyge Marseul

Subfamily Onthophilinae

Onthophilus Leach (see Helava 1978)

Subfamily Tribalinae

Caerosternus LeConte

Epierus Erichson

Plagiogramma Tarsia in Curia

Pseudepierus Casey

Subfamily Histerinae

Tribe Histerini

Atholus Thomson

Hister Linnaeus

Margarinotus Marseul

Merohister Reitter

Spilodiscus Lewis

Yarmister Wenzel

Tribe Omalodini

Omalodes Erichson

Tribe Platysomini

Platysoma Leach

Tribe Hololeptini

Hololepta Paykull

Tribe Exosternini

Baconia Lewis

Phelister Marseul

Tribalister Horn

Subfamily Hetaeriinae

Hetaerius Erichson

Mroczkowskiella Mazur
= Echinodes Zimmermann

Terapus Marseul

Ulkeus Horn

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