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Family Geotrupidae

The earth boring beetles

reviewed by H.F. Howden, October 1995

Woodruff (1973) gives detailed specimen data on the laparostict scarabs and a species list for the remaining members of the family in Florida. Some of these species have since been placed in the families Geotrupidae, Ochodaeidae, Hybosoridae, and Ceratocanthidae. Woodruff and Beck (1989) give details on the Florida species of Phyllophaga. Hardy (1991) provides a catalogue of the ruteline and dynastine scarabs. These references indicate that 259 species of scarabs (in the broad sense) are known or possibly occur in Florida, and others have been recorded since. Species considered to be rare, threatened, or endangered are listed by Woodruff and Deyrup (1995). References to scarabs (sens. lat.) are given after Scarabaeidae (sens. str.)

Tribe Bolboceratini

Bolboceras Kirby

Bolbocerosoma Schaeffer

Bradycinetulus Cockerell

Eucanthus Westwood

Tribe Geotrupini

Geotrupes Latreille

Mycotrupes LeConte

Peltotrupes Blanchard

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