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Family Dytiscidae

The predaceous water beetles

reviewed and supplemented by R. Roughley, August 1992; checked by J.H. Epler, December 1995

Subfamily Copelatinae

Agaporomorphus Young

Copelatus Erichson

Subfamily Laccophilinae

Agabetes Crotch

Laccodytes Régimbart

Laccophilus Leach

Subfamily Hydroporinae

Tribe Methlini

Celina Aubé

Tribe Vatellini

Derovatellus Sharp

Tribe Hydrovatini

Hydrovatus Motschulsky

Tribe Hyphydrini

Desmopachria Babington

Pachydrus Sharp

Tribe Bidessini

Anodocheilus Babington (see Young 1969)

Bidessonotus Régimbart

Brachyvatus Zimmermann

Liodessus Guignot

Neobidessus Young

Uvarus Guignot

Tribe Hydroporini

Hydroporus Clairville
n. subg. (Roughley, in litt.)

subg. Hydroporus (s.str.)

subg. Neoporus Guignot

Hygrotus Stephens

Lioporeus Guignot

Subfamily Colymbetinae

Tribe Agabini

Agabus Leach

Ilybius Erichson

Tribe Matini

Matus Aubé

Tribe Coptotomini

Coptotomus Say: Hilsenhoff (1980) does not list county records for Florida species. Despite a letter to him, Roughley has been unable to get the locality data that he used.

Tribe Colymbetini

Rhantus Stephens

Subfamily Dytiscinae

Tribe Eretini

Eretes LaPorte

Tribe Hydaticini

Hydaticus Leach

Tribe Aciliini

Acilius Leach

Graphoderus Dejean

Thermonectus Dejean

Tribe Cybistrini

Cybister Curtis

Megadytes Sharp

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