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Family Dermestidae

The dry skin beetles

corrected and supplemented by R.S. Beal, Jr.

Subfamily Dermestinae

Dermestes Linnaeus

Subfamily Thylodriinae

Thylodrias Motschulsky

Subfamily Orphilinae

Orphilus Erichson (see Beal 1985a)

Subfamily Trinodinae

Apsectus LeConte

Subfamily Attageninae

Attagenus Latreille

Subfamily Megatominae

Tribe Anthrenini

Anthrenus Schoeffer

Thaumaglossa Redtenbacher

Tribe Megatomini

Cryptorhopalum Guérin-Méneville (see Beal 1985b)

Orphinus Motschulsky (see Beal 1960)

Trogoderma Dejean

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