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Family Curculionidae

The weevils

checked by R.S. Anderson, May 1993, July 1994; C.W. O'Brien, August 1995

The list has been compiled from the list of O'Brien & Wibmer (1982) and supplements (O'Brien and Wibmer 1984, Wibmer and O'Brien 1989), but considerable changes in higher classification have been made since then. These are reflected in the list of south Florida weevils by Anderson (1992). That work indicates that there are 174 genera and 508 species in all of Florida. South Florida has 242 known species. Detailed data on their distribution, host plants, locality and habitat are presented elsewhere (Anderson 1993). An analysis of the south Florida fauna is given by Anderson and Peck (1994). Following Lawrence and Newton (1995), the Scolytidae and Platypodidae are included as subfamilies here. County records are from the literature, and specimens in the FSCA and C.W. O'Brien Collection

# Likely not established in south Florida.

Subfamily Brachycerinae

Tribe Entimini

Subtribe Promecopina

Eudiagogus Schönherr

Tribe Polydrosini

Subtribe Barynotina

Epicaerus Schönherr

Lachnopus Schönherr

Subtribe Naupactina

Artipus Sahlberg

Asynonychus Crotch

Atrichonotus Buchanan

Naupactus Dejean, the white-fringed beetles; pests of many plants (see Lanteri and Marvaldi 1995, Dixon 1988)
= Graphognathus Buchanan

Subtribe Sitonina

Sitona Germar (see Bright 1994)

Subtribe Trachyphloeina

Cercopeus Schönherr

Pseudocneorhinus Roelofs

Trachyphloeosoma Wollaston

Subtribe Agraphina

Agraphus Say

Paragraphus Blatchley

Subtribe Otiorhynchina

Otiorhynchus Germar

Subtribe Myllocerina

Myllocerus Schönherr

Neoptochus Horn

Subtribe Tanymecina

(see Howden 1993)

Pachnaeus Schönherr (see Woodruff 1962, 1979, 1981b)

Pandeleteius Schönherr

Scalaventer Howden

Tanymecus Germar

Subtribe Eustylina

Aphrastus Say

Brachystylus Schönherr

Diaprepes Schönherr

Subtribe Eremnina

Cyrtepistomus Marshall

Tribe Rhytirrhinini

Subtribe Listroderina

Hormops LeConte

Listroderes Schönherr

Listronotus Jekel
= Lixellus LeConte

Subfamily Hyperinae

Tribe Hyperini

Hypera Germar

Subfamily Curculioninae

Tribe Anthonomini

Subtribe Anthonomina

Anthonomopsis Dietz

Anthonomus Germar

Atractomerus Duponchel and Chevrolat (see Clark 1989)

Coccotorus LeConte

Ephelops Dietz

Huaca Clark

Nanops Deitz

Neomastix Dietz (see Clark 1993)

Pseudanthonomus Dietz

Tribe Baridini

Subtribe Baridina

Aulobaris LeConte

Baris Germar

Plesiobaris Casey

Pseudobaris LeConte

Stenobaris Linell

Trichobaris LeConte

Subtribe Centrinina

Anacentrinus Buchanan

Barinus Casey

Buchananius Kissinger

Catapastus Casey

Dirabius Casey

Eurhin Illiger

Geraeus Pascoe
= Centrinaspis Casey

Idiostethus Casey

Microcholus LeConte

Nicentrus LeConte

Odontocorynus Schönherr

Oligolochus Casey

Oomorphidius Casey

Pachybaris LeConte

Plocamus LeConte

Prosaldius Ogloblin

Pycnogeraeus Casey

Sibariops Casey

Stethobaris LeConte

Trichodirabius Casey

Zygobarinus Pierce

Zygobaris LeConte

Subtribe Madarina

Ampeloglypter LeConte

Glyptobaris Casey

Madarellus Casey

Myctides Pascoe

Tribe Ceutorhynchini

Subtribe Ceutorhynchina

Calosirus Thomson

Subtribe Cnemogonina

Acanthoscelidius Dallatorre and Hustache

Auleutes Dietz

Craponius LeConte

Pelenosomus Dietz

Perigaster Dietz

Subtribe Hypurina

Hypurus Rey

Subtribe Scleropterina

Homorosoma Frivaldszky

Subtribe Phytobiina

Phytobius Schönherr
= Parenthis Dietz
= Perenthis Dietz

Rhinoncus Schönherr
= Campylirhynchus Dejean

Pelenomus Thomson
= Rhinoncus of authors, not Schönherr

Tribe Cryptorhynchini

Subtribe Tylodina

Acalles Schönherr

Eurhoptus LeConte

Euscepes Schönherr

Faustinus Berg

Gerstaeckeria Champion

Lembodes Schönherr

Paracamptus Casey

Peracalles Kissinger

Pseudoacalles Blatchley

Pseudomopsis Champion

Pseudomus Schönherr

Subtribe Cryptorhynchina

Apteromechus Faust

Calles Kissinger

Cophes Champion

Cryptorhynchus Illiger

Eubulus Kirsch

Eutinobothris Faust

Neoulosomus O'Brien and Wibmer

Phyrdenus LeConte

Rhynchus Kissinger

Sudus Kissinger

Troezon Champion

Tyloderma Say

Zascelis LeConte

Tribe Curculionini

Curculio Linnaeus

Tribe Trypetidini

Nanus Schönherr

Tribe Erirhinini

Subtribe Erirhinina

Dorytomus Germar

Subtribe Derelomina

Elaeidobius Kuschel

Notolomus LeConte

Phyllotrox Schönherr

Subtribe Smicronychina

Smicronyx Schönherr

Subtribe Stenopelmina

Bagous Germar

Brachybamus Germar

Cyrtobagous Hustache

Lissorhoptrus LeConte

Neobagoidus O'Brien

Neochetina Hustache

Neohydronomus Schönherr

Notiodes Schönherr

Onychylis LeConte

Stenopelmus Schönherr

Subtribe Tanysphyrina

Tanysphyrus Germar

Tribe Gymnetrini

Subtribe Mecinina

Mecinus Germar

Miarus Stephens

Tribe Lixini

Subtribe Cleonina

Cleonidius Casey

Subtribe Lixina

Lixus Fabricius

Microlarinus Hochhuth

Tribe Magdalidini

Subtribe Magdalidina

Magdalis Germar

Subtribe Laemosaccina

Laemosaccus Schönherr

Tribe Molytini

Subtribe Anchonina

Anchonus Schönherr

Subtribe Cleogonina

Rhyssomatus Schönherr
= Rhyssematus of authors

Subtribe Sternechina

Chalcodermus Schönherr

Sternechus Schönherr

Subtribe Pissodina

Pissodes Germar

Subtribe Conotrachelina

Conotrachelus Dejean

Micralcinus LeConte

Pheloconus Roelofs

Subtribe Cycloterina

Gononotus LeConte

Subtribe Hylobiina

Eudociminus Leng

Heilipus Germar

Heilus Kuschel

Hilipinus Champion

Hylobius Germar

Pachylobius LeConte

Subtribe Lymantina

Caecossonus Gilbert (see Howden 1992)

Lymantes Schönherr

Tribe Otidocephalini

Subtribe Erodiscina

Sicoderus Vanin

Subtribe Otidocephalina

Micromyrmex Sleeper

Myrmex Stürm

Tribe Prionomerini

Subtribe Prionomerina

Odontopus Say

Subtribe Piazorhinina

Piazorhinus Schönherr

Tribe Rhynchaenini

Rhynchaenus Clairville and Schellenberg

Isochnus Thomson

Tachyerges Schönherr

Tribe Tychiini

Subtribe Elleschina

Elleschus Say

Subtribe Endaeina

Ochyromera Pascoe

Subtribe Lignyodina

Lignyodes Dejean
= Chionanthobius Pierce

Plocetes LeConte

Tribe Zygopini

Subtribe Lechriopina

Copturus LeConte

Lechriops Schönherr

Subtribe Zygopina

Cylindrocopturus Heller

Subfamily Tachygoninae

Tachygonus Schönherr

Subfamily Dryophthorinae

= Rhynchophorinae

Tribe Rhynchophorini

Rhynchophorus Herbst

Tribe Sitophilini

Sitophilus Schönherr

Tribe Sphenophorini

Cosmopolites Chevrolat

Metamasius Horn

Rhodobaenus LeConte

Scyphophorus Schönherr

Sphenophorus Schönherr

Tribe Dryophthorini

Dryophthorus Germar

Subfamily Cossoninae

Tribe Acamptini

Acamptus LeConte

Tribe Cossonini

Subtribe Cossonina

Cossonus Clairville

Himatium Cockerell

Mesites Schönherr

Stenotrupis Wollaston

Tribe Cotasterini

Caulophilus Wollaston

Dryotribus Horn

Micromimus Wollaston

Paralicus O'Brien

Stenomimus Wollaston

Tribe Onycholipini

Hexarthrum Wollaston

Pseudopentarthrum Wollaston
= Pentarthrinus Casey

Tribe Rhyncolini

Eucoptus Wollaston

Macrancylus LeConte

Rhyncolus Germar

Stenancylus Casey
= Liolepta Blatchley

Stenoscelis Wollaston

Tomolips Wollaston

Subfamily Scolytinae

The bark beetles

reviewed by D.E. Bright, October 1995

The Florida bark beetle fauna is well known. An overall treatment for the US is the revision and list by Wood (1982), and for seUS by T. Atkinson (in prep.). Atkinson et al. (1991) and Atkinson and Peck (1994) give additional Florida records. The following symbols are used: (1) species treated as immigrant by Wood (1977, 1982) that are considered by Atkinson to occur naturally in Florida; (2) species treated as immigrant by Frank & McCoy (1992) that are considered by Atkinson to occur naturally in Florida.

Supertribe Hylesinitae

Tribe Hylastini

Hylastes Erichson

Tribe Tomicini

Hylurgopinus LeConte

Dendroctonus Erichson

Tribe Bothrosternini

Cnesinus LeConte

Pagiocerus Eichhoff

Tribe Phloeotribini

Phloeotribus Latreille

Tribe Phloeosinini

Chramesus LeConte

Dendrosinus Chapins

Phloeosinus Chapins

Tribe Hypoborini

Chaetophloeus LeConte

Tribe Polygraphini

Carphoborus Eichhoff

Supertribe Scolytitae

Tribe Scolytini

Cnemonyx Eichhoff (see Atkinson 1993)

Scolytopsis Blandford

Scolytus Geoffroy

Tribe Ctenophorini

Pycnarthrum Eichhoff

Scolytodes Ferrari

Tribe Micracini

Hylocurus Eichhoff

Micracis LeConte

Micracisella Blackman

Pseudothysanoes Blackman

Thysanoes LeConte

Tribe Ipini

Ips DeGeer

Orthotomicus Ferrari

Tribe Dryocoetini

Coccotrypes Eichhoff

Dendrocranulus Schedl

Dryocoetes Eichhoff

Tribe Crypturgini

Crypturgus Erichson

Tribe Xyleborini

Dryocoetoides Hopkins

Ambrosiodmus Hopkins

Euwallacea Hopkins

Premnobius Eichhoff

Theoborus Hopkins

Xyleborinus Reitter

Xyleborus Eichhoff

Xylosandrus Reitter

Tribe Cryphalini

Cryptocarenus Eggers

Hypocryphalus Hopkins

Hypothenemus Westwood

Scolytogenes Eichhoff

Trischidias Hopkins (see Atkinson 1993); all species on ascomycete fungi on branches

Tribe Corthylini

Subtribe Corthylina

Corthylus Erichson

Monarthrum Kirsch

Subtribe Pityophtorina

Araptus Eichhoff

Gnathotrichus Eichhoff

Pityoborus Blackman

Pityophthorus Eichhoff

Pseudopityophthorus Swaine

Subfamily Platypodinae

The pinhole borers, or ambrosia beetles

Platypus Herbst (see Atkinson 1989)

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