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Family Cryptophagidae

The silken fungus beetles

reviewed by R.A.B. Leschen, June 1995

The taxonomic status and geographic distribution of the North American species of this family is poorly known. The genera Atomaria and Cryptophagus, containing the largest number of species, as well as species of Atomariini (Tisactia, Ephistemus), Caenoscelini (Caenoscelus), and Cryptophagini (Henoticus and Henotiderus) require detailed taxonomic study before detailed geographic information can be tabulated for Florida

Subfamily Cryptophaginae

Tribe Cryptophagini

Cryptophagus Herbst (see Woodroffe and Coombs 1961)

Tribe Caenoscelini

Sternodea Reitter

Subfamily Atomariinae

Tribe Atomariini

Anchicera Thomson

Curelius Casey

Tisactia Casey

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