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Family Chrysomelidae

The leaf beetles

reviewed and corrected by E.G. Riley, June 1993, February 1997; with additions by R.W. Flowers, July 1995

Blatchley (1923-1924) first published lists of Florida leaf beetles and a few records of their host plants. The following list for Florida was compiled from the list of J. Wilcox in Arnett's NABFP 1983 Checklist, plus additional records from more recent literature and from specimens in various collections as noted. The taxonomic arrangement follows that of Lawrence and Newton (1995). Flowers et al. (1994) have added data on more species and their host plants. Blatchley (1923-24) recorded 268 species and 15 varieties from the state. Balsbaugh and Hays (1972) recorded 342 species and subspecies from Alabama. We here record 378 species (excluding the Bruchinae) from Florida, of which 45 are considered to be endemic and seven are immigrant species.

Subfamily Bruchinae

The seed and bean weevils

reviewed by John Kingsolver, May 1993, February 1995

Tribe Pachymerini

Caryedon Schönherr (see Kingsolver 1992)

Caryobruchus Bridwell

Tribe Amblycerini

Amblycerus Thunberg

Zabrotes Horn (see Kingsolver 1990)

Tribe Bruchini

Acanthoscelides Schilsky

Althaeus Bridwell (see Kingsolver et al. 1989)

Callosobruchus Pic

Caryedes Hummel (see Kingsolver and Whitehead 1974)

Gibbobruchus Pic (see Whitehead and Kingsolver 1975)

Megacerus Fabricius (see Teran and Kingsolver 1977)

Meibomeus Bridwell (see Kingsolver and Whitehead 1976)

Merobruchus Bridwell (see Kingsolver 1988)

Mimosestes Bridwell (see Kingsolver and Johnson 1979)

Sennius Bridwell (see Johnson and Kingsolver 1973)

Stator Bridwell (see Johnson and Kingsolver, 1976)

Stylantheus Bridwell

Subfamily Donaciinae

prepared by I.S. Askevold

Tribe Plateumarini

Plateumaris Thomson (see Askevold 1991a)

Tribe Donaciini

Donacia (s.str.) Fabricius (see Askevold 1987a, 1987b, 1990, 1991b, Marx 1957)

Donacia (Donaciomimia) Medvedev

Subfamily Criocerinae

(see White 1993)

Lema Fabricius

Neolema Monrós

Oulema Des Gozis

Subfamily Hispinae

= Hispinae + Cassidinae

Supertribe Hispitae

Tribe Cephaloleiini

Stenispa Baly

Tribe Chalepini

(see Butte 1968a)

Anisostena Weise (see Staines 1994a, 1994b)

Baliosus Weise

Chalepus Thunberg (see Butte 1968b)

Odontota Chevrolat (see Butte 1968c)

Sumitrosis Butte

Tribe Uroplatini

Glyphuroplata Uhmann

Microrhopala Chevrolat

Octotoma Chevrolat

Supertribe Cassiditae

Tribe Hemisphaerotini

Hemisphaerota Chevrolat

Tribe Physonotini

Physonota Boheman

Tribe Stolaini

Chelymorpha Chevrolat

Tribe Cassidini

(see Riley 1986)

Charidotella Weise

Deloyala Chevrolat

Erepsocassis Spaeth

Floridocassis Spaeth

Jonthonota Spaeth

Opacinota Riley

Parorectis Spaeth

Plagiometriona Spaeth

Subfamily Chrysomelinae

Tribe Zygogrammini

Zygogramma Chevrolat

Tribe Doryphorini

Calligrapha Chevrolat

Chrysolina Motschulsky

Labidomera Chevrolat

Leptinotarsa Chevrolat (see Jacques 1985)

Tribe Chrysomelini

Chrysomela Linnaeus (see Woodruff 1965)

Gastrophysa Chevrolat

Phaedon Megerle von Muhlfeld

Tribe Entomoscelini

Microtheca Stål

Prasocuris Latreille

Subfamily Galerucinae

= Galerucinae + Alticinae

Tribe Galerucini

Derospidea Blake

Erynephala Blake

Galerucella Crotch

Miraces Jacoby

Monocesta Clark

Monoxia LeConte

Neolochmaea Laboissiere

Ophraella Wilcox (see LeSage 1986)

Trirhabda LeConte

Tribe Luperini

Acalymma Barber

Cerotoma Chevrolat

Diabrotica Chevrolat (see White 1964)

Metrioidea Fairmaire

Phyllobrotica Chevrolat

Tribe Alticini

Agasicles Jacoby

Altica Geoffroy

Aphthona Chevrolat

Argopistes Motschulsky

Asphaera Chevrolat

Blepharida Chevrolat

Capraita Bechyné

Chaetocnema Stephens (see White 1996)

Crepidodera Chevrolat (see Parry 1986)

Dibolia Latreille

Disonycha Chevrolat

Distigmoptera Blake

Epitrix Foudras

Glyptina LeConte

Hornaltica Barber

Kuschelina Bechyné

Longitarsus Latreille

Lupraea Jacoby

Lysathia Bechyné

Mantura Stephens

Monomacra Chevrolat

Omophoita Chevrolat

Orthaltica Crotch

Pachyonychis Clark

Phyllotreta Chevrolat

Pseudolampsis Horn (see Buckingham and Buckingham 1981)

Psylliodes Latreille

Sphaeroderma Stephens

Strabala Chevrolat

Syphrea Baly

Systena Chevrolat (see Jacques 1987)

Subfamily Lamprosomatinae

Oomorphus Curtis

Subfamily Cryptocephalinae

= Cryptocephalinae + Clytrinae + Chlamisinae

Supertribe Clytritae

Tribe Clytrini

Anomoea Agassiz

Tribe Megalostomini

Coleothorpa Moldenke (see Moldenke 1970, 1981)
= Coscinoptera Lacordaire, in part

Tribe Babiini

Babia Chevrolat

Supertribe Cryptocephalitae

Tribe Pachybrachini

Griburius Haldeman

Pachybrachis Chevrolat

Tribe Monachini

Lexiphanes Gistel

Tribe Cryptocephalini

Bassareus Haldeman

Cryptocephalus Geoffrey

Diachus LeConte

Triachus LeConte

Supertribe Chlamisitae

Exema Lacordaire

Neochlamisus Karren

Subfamily Eumolpinae

Tribe Nodinini

Metachroma Chevrolat

Paria LeConte

Typophorus Chevrolat

Tribe Eumolpini

Brachypnoea Gistel
= Nodonota Lefèvre

Colaspis Fabricius

Rhabdopterus Lefèvre

Tribe Adoxini

Demotina Baly

Fidia Walsh

Glyptoscelis Chevrolat

Graphops LeConte

Myochrous Erichson

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