Last revised: March 10, 1999

A Preliminary Checklist of the Flat Bark Beetles of the World

(Cucujidae (s. str.), Laemophloeidae, Passandridae, Silvanidae)

by Michael C. Thomas

This is a working list of the valid names in the four cucujoid families known collectively as flat bark beetles. The most recent catalog of these groups (Hetschko 1930) was published as part of Junk's Coleopterorum Catalogus. Since then, and especially since the mid 1950s, there have been so many changes in the taxonomy of these beetles that a new catalog is badly needed. This list is a first step towards that goal. I thank D.G.H. Halstead for reviewing this checklist and correcting my many mistakes.

Please contact me with comments, corrections, additions, etc.

Note: The species listed under "?Laemophloeus" were described in that genus (as were most laemophloeids) but have not been examined by modern workers and cannot be assigned to genera at this time. Laemophloeus (s. str.) is restricted to the Palaearctic, Nearctic, and Neotropical regions. Paraphloeus has been synonymized with Narthecius, leaving one species unassigned; it is listed here under "Paraphloeus". A few combinations (especially in Charaphloeus and Phloeolaemus) are unpublished. It is not my intention that posting this on the Web should constitute publication, and the new Code apparently does not recognize electronic publication.

Cucujidae Laemophloeidae Passandridae Silvanidae