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Family Carabidae

(+ Cicindelidae)

The ground beetles

reviewed and corrected by R.W. Lundgren, June 1995; G.E. Ball, September 1995

The first list of Florida Carabidae was that of Schwarz (1878) and the second that of Leng (1915). Choate (1990) gives a recent list of Florida Carabidae, containing 380 species. He indicates that the fauna is mostly composed of Nearctic elements, with a small Neotropical element in the south, and that many additional taxa may bring the total to 450-500 species. He does not give distributional data but does give references where this can be found. A more detailed summary is that of the carabid fauna of America north of Mexico, by Bousquet and Larochelle (1993), and their nomenclature is followed here. That work includes state distributional data, excludes the synonyms listed as full species in the Florida list of Choate (1990), adds new records, and has a total of 373 Florida species. We do not repeat the full literature citations provided by Choate (1990). We have included both literature records and FSCA records for this family and list a total of 397 species. If a species is reported as occurring statewide, that means there are records for each of the regions in Table 2. Erwin and Sims (1984) give a partial checklist of West Indian species, including states for those also occurring in the United States. See the Appendix for species excluded from the Florida fauna.

Subfamily Omophroninae

Omophron Latreille

Subfamily Carabinae

Tribe Notiophilini

Notiophilus Dumeril

Tribe Carabini

Calosoma Weber

Carabus Linnaeus

Tribe Cychrini

Scaphinotus Dejean

Tribe Elaphrini

Elaphrus Fabricius (see Goulet 1983)

Subfamily Cicindelinae

Freitag (1992) discusses the biogeography of West Indian tiger beetles. and Freitag (in press) catalogs the U.S. species.

Cicindela Linnaeus

Megacephala Latreille

Subfamily Scaritinae

(see Nichols 1988)

Pasimachus Bonelli

Scarites Fabricius

Tribe Clivinini

(see Nichols 1988)

Ardistomis Putzeys

Aspidoglossa Putzeys

Clivina Latreille

Dyschirius Bonelli

Halocoryza Alluaud

Oxydrepanus Putzeys

Schizogenius Putzeys (see Whitehead 1972)

Semiardistomis Kult

Subfamily Trechinae

Tribe Bembidiini

Anillinus Casey

Bembidion Latreille

Elaphropus Motschulsky

Micratopus Casey

Mioptachys Bates

Paratachys Casey

Pericompsus LeConte

Polyderis Motschulsky

Tachys Stephens

Tachyta Kirby

Subfamily Harpalinae

Tribe Pogonini

Diplochaetus Chaudoir

Tribe Patrobini

Patrobus Dejean

Tribe Morionini

Morion Latreille

Tribe Loxandrini

Loxandrus LeConte (see Allen 1972)

Tribe Pterostichini

Cyclotrachelus Chaudoir

Lophoglossus LeConte

Piesmus LeConte

Poecilus Samouelle

Pterostichus Bonelli

Tribe Zabrini

Amara Bonelli

Tribe Oodini

Anatrichis LeConte

Evolenes LeConte

Lachnocrepis LeConte

Oodes Bonelli

Oodinus Motschulsky

Stenocrepis Chaudoir

Tribe Panagaeini

Panagaeus Latreille

Tribe Chlaenini

Chlaenius Bonelli

Tribe Licinini

Badister Clairville

Dicaelus Bonelli

Tribe Harpalini

Acupalpus Latreille

Amblygnathus Dejean (see Ball and Madison 1987)

Amphasia Newman

Anisodactylus Dejean (see Noonan 1973)

Bradycellus Erichson

Cratacanthus Dejean

Harpalus Latreille

Notiobia Perty (see Noonan 1973)

Selenophorus Dejean (see Ball 1992a)

Stenolophus Dejean

Trichotichnus Morawitz

Tribe Pentagonicini

Pentagonica Schmidt-Goebel

Tribe Platynini

Agonum Bonelli

Calathus Bonelli (see Ball and Negre 1972)

Olisthopus Dejean

Platynus Bonelli

Rhadine LeConte

Tetraleucus Casey

Tribe Perigonini

Perigona Castelnau

Tribe Lachnophorini

(see Liebherr 1988)

Calybe Castelnau

Eucaerus LeConte

Euphorticus Horn

Tribe Odacanthini

Colliuris DeGeer

Tribe Ctenodactylini

Leptotrachelus Latreille

Tribe Cyclosomini

Tetragonoderus Dejean

Tribe Lebiini

Apenes LeConte

Apristus Chaudoir

Axinopalpus LeConte

Calleida Dejean

Coptodera Dejean (see Shpeley and Ball 1993)

Cymindis Latreille

Dromius Bonelli

Euproctinus Leng and Mutchler (see Shpeley 1986)

Lebia Latreille (see Madge 1967)

Mochtherus Schmidt-Goebel

Nemotarsus LeConte

Onota Chaudoir

Philorhizus Hope

Phloeoxena Chaudoir (see Ball 1975)

Plochionus Dejean

Somotrichus Seidlitz

Tribe Zuphiini

Pseudaptinus Castelnau

Thalpius LeConte

Zuphium Latreille

Tribe Galeritini

Galerita Fabricius

Tribe Helluonini

Helluomorphoides Ball

Subfamily Brachininae

Brachinus Weber (see Erwin 1970)

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