GenusDistributionNumber of Described Species*
Blubos Lefkovitch Africa1
Brontolaemus Sharp Hawaii4
Carinophloeus Lefkovitch Africa2
Caulonomus Wollaston Canary Is.1
Charaphloeus Casey Nearctic, Neotropical20
Cryptolestes Ganglbauer Worldwide43
Cucujinus (Cucujinus) Arrow Africa3
Cucujinus (Paracucujinus) Lefkovitch Madagascar2
Deinophloeus Sharp Nearctic, Neotropical5
Dysmerus Casey Nearctic, Neotropical2
Gannes Lefkovitch Africa2
Heterojinus Sen Gupta and Mukhopadhyay India1
Laemophloeus Dejean Palaearctic, Nearctic, Neotropical24
Lathropus Erichson Palaearctic, Nearctic, Neotropical9
Lepidophloeus Thomas Neotropical2
Leptophloeus Casey Worldwide27
Magnoleptus Lefkovitch Africa2
Mariolaemus Lefkovitch Africa4
Mestolaemus Lefkovitch Africa1
Metaxyphloeus Thomas Nearctic, Neotropical5
Microbrontes Reitter Asia3
Microlaemus Lefkovitch Africa, Asia12
Narthecius LeConte Worldwide9
Nipponophloeus Sasaji Asia2
Notolaemus Lefkovitch Old World13
Odontophloeus Thomas Neotropical4
Parandrita LeConte & Horn Nearctic, Neotropical, Hawaii12
Passandrophloeus Kessel Africa, Asia5
Phloeipsius Casey Neotropical1
Phloeolaemus Casey Nearctic, Neotropical16
Placonotus Macleay Worldwide43
Planolestes Lefkovitch Africa2
Pseudophloeus Iablokoff-Khnzorian Asia1
Rhabdophloeus Sharp Nearctic, Neotropical5
Rhinolaemus Steel Fiji1
Rhinomalus Gemminger Neotropical4
Rhinophloeus Sharp Neotropical6
Sinuatophloeus Kessel Asia2
Xylolestes Lefkovitch Africa, Asia5
Xylophloeus Lefkovitch Africa, Asia10

* Numbers are approximate; many species are still incorrectly assigned to Laemophloeus. Those are not counted. There are approximately 440 described species worldwide in the family.