Last revised: August 9, 2006

A List of the Species of Cerambycidae in the FSCA

(Subfamily Lamiinae)

Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus aedilis Linnaeus
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus angulosus (Casey)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus fasciatus (DeGeer)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus leechi (Dillon )
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus nodosus (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus obliquus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus obliquus obliquus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus obliquus pacificus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus obsoletus Olivier
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus princeps (Walker in Lord)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus pusillus (Kirby in Richardson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Acanthocinus spectabilis (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcathous polyrhaphoides (White)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcathousites sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcidion albosparsus (Melzer)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcidion dominicum (Fitch)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcidion humeralis (Perty)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcidion partitum (White)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcidion sulphurifer (White)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcidion umbraticus (Jacquelin duVal in Sagra)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alcidion unicolor (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alphinellus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Alphinellus subcornutus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscites pictipes (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscites sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscus a. knulli Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscus assimilis (Gahan)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscus collaris (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscus perplexus Haldeman
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscus sexguttatus Say
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscus similis (Gahan)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscus similis (Gahan)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Amniscus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodesthes zikani Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus affinis Martins
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus batesi Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus callistus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus costaricensis Lara &Shenefelt
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus dispar Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus elongatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus hamaticollis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus hiekei Martins
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus humeralis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus ligneus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus lignicola Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus macropus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus melzeri Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus mexicanus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus nigripes Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus phalangodes (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus prolixus (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus punctipennis Monne & Martins
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus scriptipennis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus sp. 4  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus sparsus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus strigosus (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Anisopodus xylinus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Antecrurisa apicalis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Apteralcidion lapierrei Hovore
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astyleiopus perplexus Schieffer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astyleiopus variegatus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astylidius parvus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astylidius sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astylopsis arcuata (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astylopsis macula (Say)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astylopsis perplexa (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astylopsis sexguttata (Say)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Astylopsis spp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Atrypanius conspersus Germar
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Atrypanius cretiger (White)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Atrypanius implexus (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Atrypanius irrorellus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Atrypanius remissus (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Atrypanius scitulus (Germar)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Atrypanius sp.
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Baryssinus chemsaki Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Baryssinus silviae Monne & Martins
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Baryssinus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Canidia canescens (Dillon)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Canidia cincticornis balteatus Lacordaire
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Canidia mexicanus  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Canidia spinicornis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Carpheolus sublineatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Carphina arcifera Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Carphina petulans Kirsch
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Carphina petulans Kirsch
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Carphontes posticalis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Cicanyssodrys signifera (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Cobelura sergioi Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Cobelura sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Cobelura stockwelli Corbett
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Coenopoeus niger Horn
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Coenopoeus palmeri (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Coenopoeus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Colobeutrypanius ornatus Tippmann
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Cosmotoma adjuncta (Thomson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Cosmotoma fasciata Fisher
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Dectes nigripilus Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Dectes sayi Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Dectes texanus LeConte
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Dectes texanus texanus LeConte
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eleothinus abstrusus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eleothinus pygmaeus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eleothinus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eneodes viridulus Fisher
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Erphaea pumicosa Erichson
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Erphaea stigma Martins & Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eucharitolus geometricus (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eucharitolus pulcher Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eutrichillus biguttatus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eutrichillus canescens Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eutrichillus comus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eutrichillus neomexicanus (Champlain & Knull)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eutrichillus pini (Schaeffer)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eutrypanus dorsalis (Germar)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eutrypanus mucoreus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Eutrypanus triangulifer Erichson
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Exalcidion sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Exocentrus fasciolatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Exocentrus galloisi Matsushita
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Exocentrus lineatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Exocentrus lusitanus Linnaeus
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Exocentrus punctipennis Mulsant & Guillebeau
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Exocentrus seriatomaculatus Schwarzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Exocentrus testudineus Matsushita
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Fisherostylus brunneri (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Glaucotes yuccivorus (Fall)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Granastyochus elegantissimus (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Granastyochus nigropunctatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Granastyochus picticauda (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Granastyochus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Granastyochus trifasciatus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hexacona armata Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hylettus alboplagiatus (White)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hylettus coenobita (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hylettus eremita (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hylettus seniculus (Germar)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hylettus spilotus Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys argus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys aspersa (Say)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys californica Casey
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys femoralis Haldeman
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys maculata Haldeman
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys montana Casey
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys pardalis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys pusillus nigrisparsus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys pusillus pusillus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Hyperplatys sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Idephrynus scaber Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus araneiformis (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus araneiformis ypsilon (Voet)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus araneiformis araneiformis (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus araneiformis fulvescens Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus araneiformis guadeloupensis Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus araneiformis insulorum Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus araneiformis stroheckeri Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus araneiformis ypsilon (Voet)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus cristulatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus foveolatus Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus giesberti Hovore
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus integer Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus kathleenae Hovore
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus obsoletus Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus plantaris indistinctus Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus plantaris plantaris Erichson
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus praecellens Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus procerus Casey
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus rogersi Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus rosaceus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus simplicicornis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus tuberculatus tuberculatus (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lagocheirus tuberculatus v-album Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lasiolepturges sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lasiolepturges zikani Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leiopus alpha (Say)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leiopus lateralis Haldeman
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leiopus nebulosus (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leiopus pleuriticus White
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leiopus punctulatus Paykull
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leiopus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis albofasciatus (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis arcuatus LeConte
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis argentatus (Jacquelin duVal in Sagra)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis cristatus (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis hispaniolae (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis incrassatus (Klug)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis jamaicensis (Gahan)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis luteus Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis martinicensis Villiers
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis milleri (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis planidorsus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylopsis terraecolor (Horn)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus albicinctus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus angulicollis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus arciferus Gahan
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus armatus Monne & Hoffmann
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus asperatus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus aspiciens Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus batesi Casey
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus cineraceus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus cretatellus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus cristulatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus decipiens Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus diffusus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus dubitans Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus fuligineus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus gibbulosus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus hilaris Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus hispidulus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus laevicauda chiriquinus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus lazuilinus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus leucopygus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus lividus Hovore
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus macrostigma Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus notaticollis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus obliquatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus ochropygus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus orbiculus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus palliatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus pernicosus Monne & Hoffmann
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus petulans Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus pilula Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus pleurostictus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus poeyi Fisher
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus pulcherrimus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus pygialis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus quintalbus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus scurra Chevrolat
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus seabrai Lane
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus sp. nr. hispidulus  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus subfurcatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus transversus (Gyllenhal)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus triangulifer Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus trigonus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus viridicomis Fisher
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus viridiscens Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus viriditinctus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus x-griseus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptostylus zonatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Leptrichillus minutus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturdrys novemlineata Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturgantes pacificus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturgantes sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges angulatus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges callinus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges charicles Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges cingulatus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges complanatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges comptus Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges confluens (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges curvilinea Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges epagogus Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges facetus Say
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges fasciculatoides Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges festivus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges figuratus Pascoe
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges fischeri Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges fragillimus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges gratiosus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges hahneli Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges infilatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges inscriptus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges insignis Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges laeteguttatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges limpidus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges linearis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges macilentus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges malkini Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges megalops Hamilton in Leng & Hamilton
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges navicularis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges pictus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges proximus Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges querci (Fitch)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sejunctimacula Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges serranus Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sexvittatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges signatus LeConte
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sp. 15  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sp. 2  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sp. 3  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sp. 5  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sp. 6  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges sp. 9  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges spp,  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges subglaber Casey
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges symmetricus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges unicolor Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges villiersi Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges virgatus Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges vogti Hovore & Tyson
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges yucca Schaeffer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturges zonula Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lepturgotrichona flaviceps (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus alpha (Say)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus batesi (Gahan)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus centralis (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus chemsaki (Lewis)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus crassulus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus decorus (Fall)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus imitans (Knull)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus incognitus (Lewis)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus mimeticus (Casey)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus misellus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus naeviicornis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus nivosus (Linsley)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus punctatus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Liopinus wiltii (Horn)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Lithargyrus melzeri Martins & Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Maculurges regularis (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Mecotetartus antennatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion bicristatum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion braciale (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion emeritum (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion eulophum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion femoratum (Monne & Martins)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion furciferum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion humerosum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion hylaeanum (Monne & Martins)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion laetulum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion lineatum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion privatum (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion quinquemaculatum (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion scutellatum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion sexguttatum Monne & Delfino
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion socium (Gahan)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nealcidion triangulare (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Neoeutrypanus decorus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Neoeutrypanus mutilatus (Germar)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Neoeutrypanus nobilis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Neoeutrypanus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Neopalame deludens Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Neopalame sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Neseuterpia curvipes Villiers
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Neseuterpia n. sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssocarinus humeralis Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssocarinus vittatus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodectes dulcissimus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodectes roseicollis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodectes sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodectes veracruzi Dillon
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina binoculata (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina corticalis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina exilis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina haldemani (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina infima (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina leucopyga (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina lignaria (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina lineatocollis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina polyspila (White)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina scutellata (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina sp. 2  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina spreta (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysina venusta (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum caudatum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum conspicillare (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum cretatum Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum diopticum Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum exilis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum fulminans (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum inclusa (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum laetifica (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum lemniscatum Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum leucopyga Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum ocellatum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum pictulum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum polyspila (White)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum poriferum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum propinquum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum serpentinum (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum signiferum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum simulatum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum sulphurescens (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum univittis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Nyssodrysternum vigintiguttatum (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oectropsis sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza cryptica Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza fleutiauxi (Villiers)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza fleutiauxi (Villiers)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza guttigera Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza leucostigma Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza maculatissima Martins & Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza ocellator (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza pogonocneroides Audinet-Serville
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza setigera (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oedopeza sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Olenosus serrimanus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Onalcidion fibrosum Monne & Martins
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Onalcidion sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Oxathres navicula Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus angulistigma Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus arietinus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus cinerascens Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus cribripennis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus elongatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus moestus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus nyssodroides Tippmann
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus sp. (annulicornis?)  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus sp. 5  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus sp. 7  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus sp. 8  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Ozineus strigosus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Palame anceps (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Palame crassimana Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Palame mimetica Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Palame vitticolle (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Paranisopodus heterotarsus Monne & Martins
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Paranisopodus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Paratenthras martinsi Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Paroecus celebensis (Thomson)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Paroecus rigidus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pattalinus charis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pattalinus cultus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pattalinus griseolus Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pattalinus lineatus Martins & Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pattalinus mirificus (Gilmour)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pattalinus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pattalinus strigosus Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pentheochaetes apicalis Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pentheochaetes sp. 1  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pentheochaetes sp. 2  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pentheochaetes sp. 3  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pentheochaetes sp. 4  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pentheochaetes sp. 7  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pentheochaetes turbidus Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Phrissolaus inspersus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Phrissolaus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Probatius sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Proxatrypanius rockefelleri Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pseudastylopsis nebulosus (Horn)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pseudastylopsis nelsoni australis Linsley & Chemsak
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pseudastylopsis pini (Schaeffer)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pseudastylopsis sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pseudastylopsis squamosus Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pseudocobelura succincta Monne & Martins
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pseudolepturges rufulus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Pucallpa robusta Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Sciadosurus albobrunneus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Sphenopsilus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Sporetus fasciatus Martins & Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Sporetus seminalis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis calligramma (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis circumscripta (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis decemguttata (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis inclusa (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis laetifica (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis polygramma (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis polytaenia (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis pulverea (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenolis theobromae (Lara & Shenefelt)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenopsilus bimaculatus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Stenopsilus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Sternidius variegatus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Sternidocinus barbarus (Van Dyke)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus atrovittatus (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus biustus bahamicus (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus biustus biustus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus laticollis (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus lewisi (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus nigrofasciatus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus planicollis (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus posticalis (Gahan)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus scurra (Chevrolat)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Styloleptus variabilis (Fisher)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Sympagus laetabilis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tenthras obliteratus Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tenthras setosus Monne & Tavakilian
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tenthras sp. (?)  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tithonus acutispinus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tithonus barbiscapus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tithonus hispidus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tithonus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Toronaeus figuratus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Toronaeus magnificus (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Toronaeus simillimus Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Toronaeus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Toronaeus suavis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Toronaeus terebrans Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trichalphus pilosus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trichastylopsis albidus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trichocanonura linearis (Skinner)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trichotithonus curvatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tropidozineus argutulus Monne
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tropidozineus fulveolus (Lameere)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tropidozineus impensus Monne & Martins
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tropidozineus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tropidozineus sp. 1  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tropidozineus sp. 2  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Tropidozineus vicinus (?) (Melzer)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trypanidius andicola Blanchard
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trypanidius dimidiatus Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trypanidius mexicanus Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trypanidius notatus (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trypanidius rubripes Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Trypanidius sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes bimaculatus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes bivittatus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes callizonus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes celtis Schaeffer
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes charillus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes clerulus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes cobbeni Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes dorcadioides (White)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes dorotheae Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes duffyi Gilmore
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes euprepes (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes facetus (Say)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes fasciatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes foveatocollis (Hamilton in Leng & Hamilton)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes guadeloupensis (Fleutiaux & Salle)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes guadeloupensis Fleutiaux & Salle
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes haitiensis Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes laticollis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes laxicollis Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes literatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes mixtus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes multinotatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes ornatissimus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes pallidulus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes pareuprepes Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes physoderus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes pluristrigosus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes querci (Fitch)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes ruficollis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes sandersoni nr . Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes signatus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes sinuosus Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes sordidus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes sp. 1  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes sp. 2  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes spp.  
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes trivittatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes tumidicollis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urgleptes unilineatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urographis despectus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urographis eucharis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urographis fasciatus (Degeer)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urographis triangulifer (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Urographis vexillaris (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Valenus inornatus Casey
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Xenostylus sublineatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Xylergates elaineae Gilmour
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Xylergates lacteus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthocinini Xylergates picturatus Lane
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes albitarsis Laporte
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes albonigrus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes ariasi Chemsak & Hovore
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes bivitta (White)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes borrei Duges
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes circumflexa Duval
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes clavipes Schrank
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes cylindrica Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes daviesi (Swederus)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes forsteri Tippmann
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes funeraria Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes galapagoensis vonhageni Mutchler
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes jaspidea (Germar)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes laevicollis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes laportei Aurivillius
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes nigricans Lameere
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes peninsularis Horn
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes rubripes Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes septemmaculata Buquet
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Acanthoderes thammi Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegomorphus albosignus Chemsak & Noguera
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegomorphus arizonicus Linsley & Chemsak
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegomorphus chamelae Chemsak & Giesbert
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegomorphus modestus (Gyllenhal)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegomorphus peninsularis (Horn)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegomorphus quadrigibbus (Say)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegomorphus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegoschema decipiens (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Aegoschema moniliferum (White)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Alphus canescens  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Alphus cavifrons Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Alphus gounellei  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Alphus malleri Lane
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Alphus niticus Lane
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Alphus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Alphus subsellatus White
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Anoreina biannulata (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Anoreina sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Ateralphus subsellatus (White)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Ateralphus variegatus Mendes
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Discopus comes Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Discopus eques Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Dryoctenes scrupulosus (Germar)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Dufauxia guaicurana Lane
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Dufauxia kourouana Lane
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Dufauxia sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Eupromerella clavator (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Eupromerella orbifera (Aurivillius)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Eupromerella pseudopropinqua (Fuchs)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Exalphus biannulatus Aurivillius
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Exalphus gounellei (Lane)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Exalphus quadranticus (Lane)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Hedypathes betulinus (Klug)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Hedypathes sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Macronemus asperulus White
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Macronemus filicornis (Thomson)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Macropophora lacordairei Laporte
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Melzerus difficilis Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Myoxinus pictus (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Myoxomorpha funesta (Erichson)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Myoxomorpha=Necalphus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Necalphus decoratus (Monne & Magno)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Nesozineus apharus Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Nesozineus bucki Breuning
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Nesozineus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Nesozineus triviale Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oplosia fennica Paykul
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oplosia nubila (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oplosia nubila (LeConte)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera aerumnosa Erichson
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera affinis Gahan
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera aglaia Monne & Fragoso
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera albata Villiers
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera bituberculata Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera boliviana Tippmann
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera brailovskyi Chemsak & Noguera
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera c-album Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera canotogata Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera corticina Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera costaricensis Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera cretata Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera fasciculosa Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera fluctuosa Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera glauca (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera glauca glauca (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera glauca jamaicensis Fisher
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera granulifera Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera graphiptera Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera howdeni Monne & Fragoso
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera inscripta Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera lateralis (Olivier)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera lezamai Hovore
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera magnoi Monne & Fragoso
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera melzeri Monne & Fragoso
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera mimetica Lane
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera neglecta Melzer
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera occulta Monne & Fragoso
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera paulista Tippmann
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera purpurascens Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera quinquetuberculata (Drapiez)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera semialba Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera spp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera undulata Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Oreodera verrucosa Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Ozotroctes sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Paradiscopus maculatus Schwarzer
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Paradiscopus monteverdensis  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Penaherraraus centrolineatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Peritapnia fabra Horn
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Peritapnia minima Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Plagiosarus literatus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Plagiosarus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Plistonax albolinitus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus arietis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus bialbomaculatus (Zaj.)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus bivittus (White)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus circumflexus (Duval)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus comptus (Martins & Martins)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus corticarius (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus doctus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus fuscicollis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus inquinatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus jaspideus (Germar)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus laetevittatus (Aurivillius)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus laetificus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus lateralis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus lugens Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus maculatissimus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus nigritarsis (White)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus nigroocellatus Tippmann
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus nigropunctatus (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus phasianus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus piperatus (Gahan)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus polystictus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus purulensis (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus signatifrons (Zaj.)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus spinicornis (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Psapharochus umbratus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Pseudaethomerus lacordairei (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Pseudaethomerus maximus Tippmann
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Pycnomorphus centrolineatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Pycnomorphus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Scleronotus scabrosus Thomson
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Scleronotus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma aethiops Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma albiceps Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma anomala Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma breve (Sulzer)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma coenosa Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma genisspina Schwarzer
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma histrionica White
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma liturata Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma melanogenys White
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma pustulata (Drury)
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma senex White
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Steirastoma stellio Pascoe
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Sychnomerus barbiger Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Sychnomerus hirticornis Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Sychnomerus sp.  
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Tetrasarus albescens Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Tetrasarus callistus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Tetrasarus formosus Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Tetrasarus inops Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Tetrasarus plato Bates
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Zikanita biocellata Tippmann
Lamiinae Acanthoderini Zikanita sp.  
Lamiinae Acmocerini Acmocerus olympiana Thomson
Lamiinae Acrocinini Acrocinus longimanus Linnaeus
Lamiinae Acrocinini Macropophora accentifer (Olivier)
Lamiinae Acrocinini Macropophora trochlearis (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Aereneini Laraesima scutellaris Thomson
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenica canescens (Klug)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenicopsis championi Bates
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenicopsis malleri Lane
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenicopsis perforata Lane
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenicopsis pugnatrix Lane
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenicopsis rufoantennata (Breuning)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenicopsis sp. 2  
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenicopsis virgata Pascoe
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aerenomera boliviensis Gilmour
Lamiinae Aerenicini Antodice cretata Bates
Lamiinae Aerenicini Antodice neivai Lane
Lamiinae Aerenicini Antodice nympha Bates
Lamiinae Aerenicini Antodice pudica Lane
Lamiinae Aerenicini Antodice sp.  
Lamiinae Aerenicini Antodice venustula Lane
Lamiinae Aerenicini Aphilesthes rustica Bates
Lamiinae Aerenicini Apoaerenica martinsi (Monne)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Calliphaula leucippe (Bates)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Calocosmus dimidiatus Chevrolat
Lamiinae Aerenicini Calocosmus hispaniolae Fisher
Lamiinae Aerenicini Calocosmus melanurus Gahan
Lamiinae Aerenicini Calocosmus speciosus Chevrolat
Lamiinae Aerenicini Eponina breyeri (Prosen)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Holoaerenica apleta Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Aerenicini Holoaerenica punctata (Gilmour)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Hydraschema leptostyla Lane
Lamiinae Aerenicini Hydraschema obliquevittata (Lane)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Melzerella huedepohli Monne
Lamiinae Aerenicini Phaula lichenigera (Perty)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Phaula thomsonii Lacordaire
Lamiinae Aerenicini Pseudomecas femoralis Aurivillius
Lamiinae Aerenicini Recchia albicans (Guerin)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Recchia gemignanii (Lane)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Recchia hirsuta (Bates)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Recchia hirticornis (Klug)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Recchia parvula (Lane)
Lamiinae Aerenicini Recchia sp.  
Lamiinae Aerenicini Suipinima marginalis Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Aerenicini Suipinima pitanga Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Aerenicini Suipinima suturalis Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Aerenicini Suipinima una Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia cardui Linnaeus
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia cynarae Germar
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia dahli Richter
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia helianthi Plav.
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia irrorata Fabricius
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia kirbyi (Gyllenhal)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia schurmanni Sama
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia sicula Gnglb.
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia soror Kr.
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia spp.  
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia villosoviridescens DeGeer
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Agapanthia violacea Fabricius
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Amillarus apicalis Thomson
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Calamobius filum (Rossi)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Calamobius gracilis Rossi
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Grammopsis clavigera (Bates)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Grammopsoides tenuicornis (Casey)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Helvina strandi (Breuning)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis apicalis (Bates)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis fractilinea Bates
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis lemniscata (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis lemniscata group  
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis nigroapicalis Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis septemlineata Breuning
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis solangae Carvalho
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis sp.  
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis sp. 2  
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis sp. 3  
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis tremata Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Hippopsis tuberculata Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Pachypeza borealis Hovore & Giesbert
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Pachypeza joda Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Pachypeza panamensis Giesbert
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Spalacopsis filum brevialatum Tyson
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Spalacopsis filum costulatum Casey
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Spalacopsis howdeni Tyson
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Spalacopsis protensa (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Spalacopsis similis Gahan
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Spalacopsis sp.  
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Spalacopsis stolata Newman
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Spalacopsis suffusa Newman
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Stereomerus lineatus (Breuning)
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Trichohippopsis magna Martins & Carvalho
Lamiinae Agapanthiini Trichohippopsis suturalis Martins & Carvalho
Lamiinae Agniini Acalolepta permutans okinawani  
Lamiinae Ancylonotini Idactus exiguus Qued.
Lamiinae Ancylonotini Lasiopezus longimanus  
Lamiinae Ancylonotini Lasiopezus nigromaculatus Quedt.
Lamiinae Ancylonotini Palimna liturata Bates
Lamiinae Ancylonotini Palimna p. palimnoides (Schwarzer)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Anisocerus palliatus White
Lamiinae Anisocerini Anisocerus scopifer (Germar)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Anisocerus stellatus Guerin
Lamiinae Anisocerini Badenella gavisa (Lane)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Batesbeltia pantherina Lane
Lamiinae Anisocerini Batesbeltia sp.  
Lamiinae Anisocerini Caciomorpha palliata (White)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Caciomorpha plagiata Bates
Lamiinae Anisocerini Chalastinus championi Bates
Lamiinae Anisocerini Chalastinus rubrocinctus Bates
Lamiinae Anisocerini Cyclopeplus germaini Gounelle
Lamiinae Anisocerini Gounellea bruchi (Gounelle)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Gounellea franzae Lane
Lamiinae Anisocerini Hoplistocerus dichrous Gounelle
Lamiinae Anisocerini Hoplistocerus gemmatus Bates
Lamiinae Anisocerini Hoplistocerus hammatus Chabrillac
Lamiinae Anisocerini Hoplistocerus refulgens Blanchard
Lamiinae Anisocerini Onychocerus aculeicornis (Kirby)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Onychocerus albitarsus Pascoe
Lamiinae Anisocerini Onychocerus crassus (Voet)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Onychocerus obliquata  
Lamiinae Anisocerini Phacellocerina limosa (Bates)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Thryallis leucophaeus (White)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Thryallis maculosus Thomson
Lamiinae Anisocerini Thryallis noguerai Chemsak & McCarty
Lamiinae Anisocerini Thryallis sp.  
Lamiinae Anisocerini Thyrallis undatus (Chevrolat)
Lamiinae Anisocerini Trigonopeplus abdominalis White
Lamiinae Apomecynini Acestrilla minima Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Acestrilla sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Acrepidopterum pilosum Fisher
Lamiinae Apomecynini Acrepidopterum sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus alboapicalis Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus analis (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus antennatus antennatus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus antennatus denticauda Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus bacillarius Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus binotatus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus brousi Horn
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus cacapira Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus consors Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus costicollis Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus curtulus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus cylindricus (Bates)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus fuscoapicalis Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus griseicauda (Bates)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus leucostigma Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus lewisi Linsley & Chemsak
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus lherminieri Fleutiaux & Salle
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus longicauda (Bates)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus mucoreus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus pictus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus pisciformis (Thomson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus postilenatus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus praeustus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus pulchellus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus punctatus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus salvadorensis Franz
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus spinipennis Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus subcostatus Aurivillius
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus subellipticus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Adetus vanduzeei Linsley
Lamiinae Apomecynini Amphicnaeia apicalis Melzer
Lamiinae Apomecynini Amphicnaeia brevivittis Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Amphicnaeia crustulata Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Amphicnaeia lepida Melzer
Lamiinae Apomecynini Amphicnaeia pusilla Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Amphicnaeia quinquevittata Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Amphicnaeia sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Amphicnaeia strandi Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Apomecyna lameeri Pic
Lamiinae Apomecynini Apomecyna pertigera Thomson
Lamiinae Apomecynini Asyngenes (Asyngenes) chalceolus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Asyngenes (Neosyngenes) venezuelensis Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis acuta Pascoe
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis acuta geometrica (Bates)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis furcula (Bates)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis lignosa Thomson
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis mexicana (Bates)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis modesta (Belon)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis occulta (Bates)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis picta (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bebelis sp. nr. furcula (Bates)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bisaltes buqueti (Thomson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Bisaltes sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Dolichosybra tubericollis Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Dolichosybra tubericollis Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Doliops similis  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Dorcasta cinerea (Horn)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Dorcasta dasycera (Erichson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Dorcasta gracilis Fisher
Lamiinae Apomecynini Dorcasta implicata Melzer
Lamiinae Apomecynini Dorcasta sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Euteleuta laticauda Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Ischioloncha lineata Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Panegyrtes bifasciatus Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Panegyrtes sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Parmenonta fulvosticta Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Parmenonta minor Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Parmenonta ovatula Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Parmenonta thomasi Linsley & Chemsak
Lamiinae Apomecynini Parmenonta valida Thomson
Lamiinae Apomecynini Parmenonta wickhami Schaeffer
Lamiinae Apomecynini Phrynidius echinus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Phrynidius singularis Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Phrynidius sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Ptericoptus caudalis Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Ptericoptus fuscus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Ptericoptus panamensis Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Rosalba approximata (Melzer)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Rosalba crassepunctata Breuning
Lamiinae Apomecynini Rosalba obliqua (Thomson)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Rosalba sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Sarillus pygmaeus Bates
Lamiinae Apomecynini Sybra alternans (Wiedeman)
Lamiinae Apomecynini Sybra sp.  
Lamiinae Apomecynini Sybroides sp.  
Lamiinae Astathini Astathes sp.  
Lamiinae Batocerini Apriona germari japonica  
Lamiinae Batocerini Apriona japonica Thomson
Lamiinae Batocerini Apriona rugicollis Chevrolat
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera boisduvali var. frenchi Poll
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera davidis Derolle
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera harryi Linnaeus
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera laena Thomson
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera lineolata Chevrolat
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera roylei (Hope)
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera rubus (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera rufomaculata (DeGeer)
Lamiinae Batocerini Batocera sp.  
Lamiinae Calliini Asemolea coccinea  
Lamiinae Calliini Asemolea minuta (Bates)
Lamiinae Calliini Asemolea purpuricollis Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Asemolea sp.  
Lamiinae Calliini Callia albicornis Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Callia argodi Belon
Lamiinae Calliini Callia axillaris (Dalman)
Lamiinae Calliini Callia boliviana Belon
Lamiinae Calliini Callia chrysomelina Pascoe
Lamiinae Calliini Callia flavofemorata Castelnau
Lamiinae Calliini Callia fulvocincta Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Callia leucozanata Lane
Lamiinae Calliini Callia rubristerna Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Calliini Callia sp.  
Lamiinae Calliini Callia xanthomera Redtenbacher
Lamiinae Calliini Callisema elongata Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Calliini Chereas octomaculata (Buquet)
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea bicolorata Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea brasiliensis (Breuning)
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea cribrata Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea marmorata Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea parva Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea sallei (Thomson)
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea sp.  
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea spreta Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea stictica Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Drycothaea testaceipes Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Euimesis trilineata Magno & Monne
Lamiinae Calliini Eumathes cuprascens Bates
Lamiinae Calliini Eumathes sp.  
Lamiinae Calliini Eumimesis carbonelli Lane
Lamiinae Calliini Graminea annulata Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Calliini Harringtonia dalmeidai (Dillon & Dillon)
Lamiinae Calliini Hemicladus dejeanii Buquet
Lamiinae Calliini Hemicladus fasciatus Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Calliini Hemicladus thomsonii Buquet
Lamiinae Calliini Mesestola guadeloupensis Breuning
Lamiinae Calliini Mimolai buckleyi (Bates)
Lamiinae Calliini Mimolaia calopterona (Bates)
Lamiinae Calliini Mimolaia lata Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Calliini Mimolaia pichincha Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Calliini Xenocallia punctatissima Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Ceroplesini Analeptes trifasciata Fabricius
Lamiinae Ceroplesini Ceroplesis conradti Kolbe
Lamiinae Ceroplesini Ceroplesis elegans Gestro
Lamiinae Ceroplesini Ceroplesis millingeni Pic
Lamiinae Ceroplesini Cochliopalpus suturalis Harold
Lamiinae Ceroplesini Diastocera wallachi tricincta Duncan
Lamiinae Colebotheini Cathexis longimana (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Apechthes mexicanus Thomson
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carneades championi Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carneades grandis (Thomson)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carneades hemileuca Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carneades nodicornis Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carneades superba Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carterica cincticornis Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carterica mima Belon
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carterica optata Pascoe
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carterica pygmaea Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Carterica sp.  
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea aleata Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea appendiculata Aurivillius
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea assimilis Aurivillius
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea bicuspidata (Latreille)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea bisignata Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea bitincta Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea brullei Gahan
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea carneola Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea chemsaki Giesbert
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea chontalensis Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea crassa Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea dispersa Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea distincta Pascoe
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea fasciatipennis Linsley
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea hebraica Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea hirtipes (Degeer)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea hondurena Giesbert
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea leucophaea Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea lineatocollis Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea lunulata Lucas
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea macularis (Olivier)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea musiva (Germar)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea nr. biguttata Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea parcens Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea pietilis Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea pimplaea Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea plebeja Aurivillius
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea pleuralis Casey
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea ramosa Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea regularis Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea rincona Giesbert
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea rubronotata Zajciw
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea sexualis Casey
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea sinaloensis Giesbert
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea sordida Aurivillius
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea spp.  
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea unilineata Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea varia (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothea vidua Bates
Lamiinae Colobotheini Colobothina perplexa Hovore
Lamiinae Colobotheini Hilobothea latevittata (Bates)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Priscilla hypsiomoides Thomson
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sangaris cancellata (Bates)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sangaris geometrica (Bates)
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sangaris giesberti Hovore
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sangaris multimaculata Hovore
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sangaris penrosei Hovore
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sparna macilenta Pascoe
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sparna sp.  
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sympleurotis armatus Gahan
Lamiinae Colobotheini Sympleurotis rudis Bates
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Aerenea brunnea Thomson
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Aerenea flavolineata Melzer
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Aerenea impetiginosa Thomson
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Aerenea sp.  
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Compsosoma franciscum Thomson
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Compsosoma monnei Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Compsosoma sp.  
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Laraesima asperata (Bates)
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Laraesima fuliginea (Bates)
Lamiinae Compsosomatini Tucales franciscus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Crossotini Crossotus aethiops Distant
Lamiinae Crossotini Moecha adusta Har.
Lamiinae Crossotini Moechotypa diphysis (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Crossotini Moechotypa formosana (Pic)
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Cyrtinus beckeri Howden
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Cyrtinus hubbardi Fisher
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Cyrtinus opacicollis (Bates)
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Cyrtinus pygmaeus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Cyrtinus sp.  
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Cyrtinus sp.prob.farri Howden
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Omosarotes paradoxum (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Omosarotes singularis Pascoe
Lamiinae Cyrtinini Omosarotes sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Acana exotica Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Atelodesmis piperita Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Atelodesmis sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Atelodesmis unicolor Buquet
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Atimiola guttulata Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia bicuspis (Bates)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia costaricensis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia cristulata Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia epicharis Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia galba Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia incompta Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia similis (Breuning)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabia truncata Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Blabicentrus sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Cicatrisestola flavicans Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Cicuiara striata (Bates)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Cymatonycha castanea Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora apicata Thomson
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora boliviana Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora canescens Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora chemsaki Giesbert
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora compta Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora crinita Giesbert
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora decora Melzer
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora digna Giesbert
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora fasciola Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora mulsa Giesbert
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora scapularis Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora senicula Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora variola Giesbert
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora (Desmimorpha) aegrota Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora (Desmimorpha) cirrosa Erichson
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora (Desmimorpha) cucullata Thomson
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora (Desmimorpha) fasciculata (Olivier)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora (Desmimorpha) ferruginea (Thomson)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora (Desmimorpha) hirticollis (Olivier)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora (Desmimorpha) sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Desmiphora (Desmimorpha) tricinctata  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Dolichestola annulicornis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Dolichestola densepunctata Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Esmia spissicornis  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola albovaria Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola basiflava Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola basinotata Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola cuneata Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola curta Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola fuscodorsalis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola hirsuta (Degeer)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola hirsutella Aurivillius
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola hubbardi Fisher
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola ignobilis Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola misella Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola nodicollis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola obscura (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola parvula Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola sp. 7  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola subannulicornis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola tigrina Skinner
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estola vittulata Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides alboscutellaris Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides aquilonius LeConte
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides costaricensis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides esthlogenoides Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides fulvitarsis (Bates)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides longicornis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides modica Chemsak & Noguera
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides parva Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides perforata (Bates)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides scabricaulis Chemsak & Noguera
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides sordida (LeConte)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides strandiella Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides (Estoloides) perforata (Bates)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Estoloides (Estoloides) sordida (LeConte)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Euestola basidensepunctata Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Euestola obliqua Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eunidia bomfordi Vega Ferraira
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius affinis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius annulicornis Fisher
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius apicicornis Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius comus Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius cryptus Hovore
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius flavocinctus Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius haitiensis Fisher
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius hispidus (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius infimus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius longipilis Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius major Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius nigrinus Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius pauper LeConte
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius petulans Melzer
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius pubescens LeConte
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius pubicollis Melzer
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius scutellaris Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius spp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius strandi Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius subarmatus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius subtessellatus Melzer
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius tomentosus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius ursulus Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius vandykei Linsley
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius vestitus (Say)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius vittipennis Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius wickhami Fisher
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Eupogonius yeuibe Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Gibbestoloides compacta Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Ischnolea flavinota Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Ischnolea sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Ischnoleomimus excavatus Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Lamiessa eumolpoides Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Malthonea ruficornis Belon
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Mimasyngenes lineatipennis Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Mimasyngenes ytu Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Mimestola imitatrix Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Panegyrtes porosus Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Panegyrtes sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Panergates bifasciatus Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Panergates sp.  
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Paradesmiphora farinosa (Bates)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Parestola hoegei Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Parestola zapotensis Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Parischnolea excavata Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Periestola strandi Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Pogonillus subfasciatus Bates
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Psenocerus supernotatus (Say)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Tigrinestola tigrina (Skinner)
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Unelcus bolivianus Breuning
Lamiinae Desmiphorini Unelcus lineatus Bates
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion aerenarium Scopoli
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion aethiops Scopoli
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion carinatum Pall
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion equestre Laxm.
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion fuliginator Linnaeus
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion fulvum Scopoli
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion holosericium Kryn.
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion kruperi Ginglb.
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion laqueatum Walt
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion lineaticolle Kr.
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion ljubetense Breit.
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion macedonicum Jur.
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion margheritae Breuning
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion nitidum Motschulsky
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion pedestre Poda
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion scabricolle Dalm.
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion sp.  
Lamiinae Dorcadiini Dorcadion sulcipenne Kuest.
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Dorcaschema alternatum (Say)
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Dorcaschema cinereum (Olivier)
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Dorcaschema dasycera Erichson
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Dorcaschema nigrum (Say)
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Dorcaschema sp  
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Dorcaschema wildi Uhler
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Olenecamptus australis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Olenecamptus bilobus Fabricius
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Olenecamptus bilobus nipponensis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Olenecamptus bilobus strucki Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Olenecamptus formosanus Pic
Lamiinae Dorcaschematini Olenecamptus octopustulatus formosanus Pic
Lamiinae Eupromerini Eupromera sp.  
Lamiinae Eupromerini Iquiracetima tuberosa (Belon)
Lamiinae Eupromerini Pibanga cosulata (Belon)
Lamiinae Eupromerini Pibanga ochropyga (Belon)
Lamiinae Eupromerini Pibanga sp.  
Lamiinae Eupromerini Puanama sara Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Falsamblesthiini Bactriola maculata Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Falsamblesthiini Bactriola paupercula Bates
Lamiinae Falsamblesthiini Nyctonympha andersoni Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Falsamblesthiini Nyctonympha annulata Aurivillius
Lamiinae Falsamblesthiini Nyctonympha flavipes Aurivillius
Lamiinae Falsamblesthiini Nyctonympha sp.  
Lamiinae Falsamblesthiini Nyctonympha taeniata Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Falsamblesthini Bactriola vittulata Bates
Lamiinae Falsamblesthini Nyctonympha annulata Aurivillius
Lamiinae Falsamblesthini Nyctonympha flavipes Aurivillius
Lamiinae Falsamblesthini Pseudogisostola reichardti Fontes & Martins
Lamiinae Gnomini Gnoma affinis affinis Guerin
Lamiinae Gnomini Gnoma boisduvali Plavilstinikov
Lamiinae Gnomini Gnoma zonaria Linne
Lamiinae Gnomini Imantocera plumosa Olivier
Lamiinae Gryllicini Gryllica picta (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus bifasciatus Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus colligatus (Redtenbacher)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus divus Chabrillac
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus hemispilus (Germar)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus nevisi (Gounelle)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus obesus  
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus pluricostatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus scalaris (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus sexguttatus (Lucas)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus sp.  
Lamiinae Hemilophini Adesmus ventralis (Gahan)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Alampyris cretaria Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Alampyris curta Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Alampyris sp.  
Lamiinae Hemilophini Arixiuna longula (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Arixiuna varians (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Calocosmus sp.  
Lamiinae Hemilophini Canarana brachialis (Guerin)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Canarana roseicollis Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cathetopteron amoena (Hamilton in Leng & Hamilton)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cephalodina capito (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cephalodina crassiceps Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cirrhicera basalis Gahan
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cirrhicera championi Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cirrhicera cinereola Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cirrhicera leuconota (Laporte)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cirrhicera longifrons Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cirrhicera nigrina Thomson
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cirrhicera sallei Thomson
Lamiinae Hemilophini Cuicirama spectabilis (Blanchard)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Eranina dispar (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Eranina fulveola (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Eranina leuconoe (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Eranina pectoralis (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Eranina pusilla (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Eranina sp.  
Lamiinae Hemilophini Essostrutha binotata Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Essostrutha laeta (Newman)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Essotrutha binotata Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Essotrutha laeta (Newman)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Essotruthella notaticollis (Lane)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Eulachnesia smaragdina Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Fredlanea sp.  
Lamiinae Hemilophini Fredlanea velutina (Lane)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Hemierana marginata (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Hemierana marginata ardens (LeConte)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Hemierana suturalis (Linell)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Hemilophus leucogrammus Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Hemilophus sp.  
Lamiinae Hemilophini Icimauna angaba Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Hemilophini Icimauna aysa Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Hemilophini Icimauna sarauaia Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Hemilophini Isomerida albicollis (Laporte)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Isomerida cinctiventris Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Isomerida lineata Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Itumbiara picticornis (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Itumbiara subdilatata (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Lapazina discicollis (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Leucophoebe albaria (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Lycidola expansa Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Malacoscylus lanei Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Hemilophini Mariliana cicadellida Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Hemilophini Marupeacea pinimatinga Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Hemilophini Oedudes bifasciata (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Oedudes sp.  
Lamiinae Hemilophini Oedudes spectabilis (Drury)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Phoebe fryana Lane
Lamiinae Hemilophini Phoebe luteola Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Phoebe mexicana Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Phoebe spegazzinii Bruch
Lamiinae Hemilophini Phoebimima ensifera (Tippmann)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Phoebimima theaphia (Bates)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Tyrinthia lycinella Bates
Lamiinae Hemilophini Zeale nigromaculata (Klug)
Lamiinae Hemilophini Zeale scalaris Pascoe
Lamiinae Homonoeini Bumetopia sp.  
Lamiinae Homonoeini Bumetopia stolata (Matsushita)
Lamiinae Lamiini Anoplophora albopicta (Matsushita)
Lamiinae Lamiini Anoplophora chinensis Forster
Lamiinae Lamiini Anoplophora horsfieldi  
Lamiinae Lamiini Anoplophora malaisica (Thomson)
Lamiinae Lamiini Aristobia approximator (Thomson)
Lamiinae Lamiini Aristobia sp.  
Lamiinae Lamiini Celosterna scabrator F.
Lamiinae Lamiini Cereopsius quaestor (Newman)
Lamiinae Lamiini Cereopsius shamankarriyali Kano
Lamiinae Lamiini Chyptodes dejeani (Thomson)
Lamiinae Lamiini Deliathis batesi Gahan
Lamiinae Lamiini Deliathis buqueti (Taste)
Lamiinae Lamiini Deliathis diluta Gahan
Lamiinae Lamiini Deliathis impluviatus (Lacordaire)
Lamiinae Lamiini Deliathis nivea Bates
Lamiinae Lamiini Deliathis quadritaeniator (White)
Lamiinae Lamiini Dihammus australis (Boisduval)
Lamiinae Lamiini Dihammus fasciatus aurivarius Gressitt
Lamiinae Lamiini Dihammus fraudator Bates
Lamiinae Lamiini Dihammus sp.  
Lamiinae Lamiini Dihammus speciosus Gahan
Lamiinae Lamiini Epepeotes ambigenus formosanus Breuning
Lamiinae Lamiini Epepeotes rarus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Lamiini Epepeotes spinosus Thomson
Lamiinae Lamiini Epicedia sp.  
Lamiinae Lamiini Eutaenia alboampliata Breuning
Lamiinae Lamiini Goes debilis LeConte
Lamiinae Lamiini Goes pulcher (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Lamiini Goes pulverulentus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Lamiini Goes tessellatus (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Lamiini Goes tigrinus (DeGeer)
Lamiinae Lamiini Goes tumifrons Linsley & Chemsak
Lamiinae Lamiini Goes variegatus Linsley & Chemsak
Lamiinae Lamiini Hebestola humeralis Blanchard
Lamiinae Lamiini Hebestola nebulosa Haldeman
Lamiinae Lamiini Lamia textor Linnaeus
Lamiinae Lamiini Lamiomimus gottschei Kolbe
Lamiinae Lamiini Lochmodocerus antennatus Burne
Lamiinae Lamiini Macrochenus isabellinus Aurivillius
Lamiinae Lamiini Microgoes oculatus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Lamiini Microgoes sp.  
Lamiinae Lamiini Mimolochus hoefneri (Thomson)
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus alternatus Hope
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus carolinensis (Olivier)
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus clamator clamator (LeConte)
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus clamator latus Casey
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus clamator linsleyi Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus clamator nevadensis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus clamator rubigineus (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus galloprovincialis Olivier
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus maculosus Harold
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus marmorator Kirby in Richardson
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus mutator LeConte in Agassiz
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus notatus (Drury)
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus obtusus fulvomaculatus Linsley
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus obtusus obtusus Casey
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus rosemulleri  
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus scutellatus oregonensis (LeConte)
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus scutellatus scutellatus (Say)
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus sp.  
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus sutor (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Lamiini Monochamus tittillator (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Lamiini Morimus asper (Sulzer)
Lamiinae Lamiini Morimus funereus Mulsant
Lamiinae Lamiini Neoptychodes candidus (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Neoptychodes cretatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Neoptychodes cretatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Neoptychodes hondurae (White)
Lamiinae Lamiini Neoptychodes trilineatus (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Lamiini Paraleprodera diophthalma formosana (Schwarzer)
Lamiinae Lamiini Peblephaeus decoloratus (Schwarzer)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus elatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus emanon Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus imperator (Thomson)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus laceratus (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus maculosus (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus rubefactus (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus sallei (Thomson)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus sargi (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus sp.  
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus spinipennis (Thomson)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plagiohammus thiodes (Bates)
Lamiinae Lamiini Plectrodera scalator (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Lamiini Psacothea hiralis Pascoe
Lamiinae Lamiini Psacothea hiralis kotensis  
Lamiinae Lamiini Ptychodes politus lecontei Thomson
Lamiinae Lamiini Ptychodes politus politus Audinet-Serville
Lamiinae Lamiini Ptychodes taeniotoides niveisparsus Bates
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes amazonum Thomson
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes boliviensis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes boliviensis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes decoratus Laporte
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes farinosus (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes iridescens Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes luciani Thomson
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes marmoratus Thomson
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes naevius Bates
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes orbignyi Guerin
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes parafarinosus Breuning
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes praeclaris Bates
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes scalatus (Gmelin)
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes sp.  
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes subocellatus (Olivier)
Lamiinae Lamiini Taeniotes xanthostictus Bates
Lamiinae Lamiini Uraecha angustata (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Laticraniini Amplitempora captiocula Giesbert
Lamiinae Laticraniini Laticranium mandibulare Lane
Lamiinae Mauesini Mauesia cornuta Lane
Lamiinae Mauesini Taurolema albopunctata Gounelle
Lamiinae Mauesini Taurolema flavocincta Gounelle
Lamiinae Mesosini Aphelocnemia nebulosa (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Mesosini Cacia sp.  
Lamiinae Mesosini Coptops l. leucostictica White
Lamiinae Mesosini Mesosa curculionoides Linnaeus
Lamiinae Mesosini Mesosa myops Dalman
Lamiinae Mesosini Mesosa myops japonica Bates
Lamiinae Mesosini Mesosa nebulosa Fabricius
Lamiinae Mesosini Synaphaeta guexi (LeConte)
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema albopictum White
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema annulatum Say
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema appressum LeConte
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema armatum LeConte
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema aterrimum Fisher
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema blapsides (Newman)
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema blapsides ulkei Horn
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema gigas LeConte
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema manni Psota
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema michelbacheri Linsley
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema semipunctatum LeConte
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema sp.  
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema subrugosum Bland
Lamiinae Moneilemini Moneilema variolare Thomson
Lamiinae Niphonini Penthea pardalis Newman
Lamiinae Niphonini Penthea vermicularis Donovan
Lamiinae Onciderini Bacuris sexvittatus (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Bucoides erichsoni Martins
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola acuticauda Marinoni & Martins
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola brasiliensis Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola fuscata Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola janzeni Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola leonensis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola lineata (Hamilton in Leng & Hamilton)
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola mexicana (Breuning)
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola nelsoni Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola ornata Fleutiaux & Salle
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola rugicollis Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola salicicola (Linsley)
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola sp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola sp. 2  
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola sp. 4  
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola sulcipennis Melzer
Lamiinae Onciderini Cacostola volvula (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Onciderini Charenthes niveilateris Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides cruda (Erichson)
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides dimidiata (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides fulvofasciata Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides lycimnia Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides pepoata Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides picticornis (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides pigra Martins
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides pulla Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides sp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Charoides tigrinata (Thomson)
Lamiinae Onciderini Cherentes niveilateris (Thomson)
Lamiinae Onciderini Cipriscola fasciata (Thomson)
Lamiinae Onciderini Clytemnestra albisparsa (Germar)
Lamiinae Onciderini Cydros leucurus Pascoe
Lamiinae Onciderini Cylicasta liturata (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Onciderini Cylicasta nysa Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Ecthoea quadricornis (Olivier)
Lamiinae Onciderini Eudesmus ferrugineus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Onciderini Eudesmus grisescens Serville
Lamiinae Onciderini Euthima rodens (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Euthima sp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Furona corniculata (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Furona degenera (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa aeropa Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa cedestes Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa colombiana Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa heraldica (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa lirissa Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa liturata (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa nyphonoides (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa sp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Hesychotypa turbida (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Hypselomus cristatus Perty
Lamiinae Onciderini Hypselomus sp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Hypsioma amydon Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Hypsioma cloris Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Hypsioma nesiope Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Hypsioma simplex Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Hypsioma steinbachi Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Ischiocentra monteverdensis Giesbert
Lamiinae Onciderini Ischiocentra stockwelli Giesbert
Lamiinae Onciderini Jamesia ericksoni Hovore
Lamiinae Onciderini Jamesia globifera (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Onciderini Jamesia multivittata Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Jamesia papulenta Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Jamesia phileta Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Jamesia sp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles alboplagiatus Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles basalis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles batesi (Aurivillius)
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles callidryas (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles consobrinus bolivianus Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles cornuticeps Schaeffer
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles cornuticeps federalis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles cornuticeps pacificus Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles cretatus Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles fasciatus (Lucas in Laporte)
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles hondurensis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles laticinctus Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles marmoratus Casey
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles nigritarsis Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles pseudovestitus Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles sp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles sparsus (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles tessellatus costaricae Chemsak
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles tessellatus tessellatus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Onciderini Lochmaeocles zonatus Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Lydipta conspersa (Aurivillius)
Lamiinae Onciderini Lydipta senicula (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Marensis simplex (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Midamiella hecabe (Dillon & Dillon)
Lamiinae Onciderini Midamiella santaremensis (Dillon & Dillon)
Lamiinae Onciderini Neocherentes dilloniorum Tippmann
Lamiinae Onciderini Neodillonia albisparsa (Germar)
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres albipilosa Noguera
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres albomaculata Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres albomarginata albomarginata Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres albomarginata chamela Chemsak & Giesbert
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres amputator (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres apicalis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres argentata Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres cingulata cingulata (Say)
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres cingulata texana Horn
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres columbiana Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres dalmani Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres dejeani Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres digna Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres diringsi Martins & Galileo
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres fisheri Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres fulva Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres fulvostillata Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres germari Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres guttulata Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres gutturator (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres ilaire Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres impluviata (Germar)
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres lyside Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres magnifica Martins
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres miniata Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres minuta Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres multicincta Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres ocellaris Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres ocularis Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres poecila Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres punctata Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres pustulatus LeConte
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres putator brevifasciata Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres putator putator Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres quercus Skinner
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres repandator (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres rhodosticta Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres rubra Franz
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres saga (Dalman)
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres satyra Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres scitula Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres senilis Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres spp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres ulcerosa (Germar)
Lamiinae Onciderini Oncideres vitiliga Martins
Lamiinae Onciderini Periergates rodriquezi Lacordaire
Lamiinae Onciderini Peritrox nigromaculatus Aurivillius
Lamiinae Onciderini Plerodia sp.  
Lamiinae Onciderini Pseudobeta seabrai Monne & Fragoso
Lamiinae Onciderini Psyllotoxus griseocinctus Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Sternycha approximata Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Sternycha paupera (Bates)
Lamiinae Onciderini Taricanus truquii Thomson
Lamiinae Onciderini Taricanus zaragozai Noguera & Chemsak
Lamiinae Onciderini Trachysomus fragifer (Kirby)
Lamiinae Onciderini Trachysomus mexicanus Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Trachysomus surdus Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Trestonia confusa Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Trestonia forticornis Buquet
Lamiinae Onciderini Trestonia frontalis (Erichson)
Lamiinae Onciderini Trestonia pulcherrima Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Trestonia pyralis Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Trestonia turbula Monne & Fragoso
Lamiinae Onciderini Tulcus amazonica (Thomson)
Lamiinae Onciderini Tybalmia coeca Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Tybalmia funeraria Bates
Lamiinae Onciderini Tybalmia pixe Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onciderini Tybalmia pupillata (Pascoe)
Lamiinae Onciderini Venustus zeteki Dillon & Dillon
Lamiinae Onocephalini Onocephala obliquata Lacordaire
Lamiinae Parmenini Echthistatus binodosus Waterhouse
Lamiinae Parmenini Ipochus fasciatus LeConte
Lamiinae Parmenini Mecynome aenescens Bates
Lamiinae Parmenini Neoplectrura breedlovei Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Parmenini Parechthistatus hawksi (MSS  
Lamiinae Parmenini Parmena pubescens Dalman
Lamiinae Parmenini Parmenosoma griseum Schaeffer
Lamiinae Parmenini Plectrura spinicauda Mannerheim
Lamiinae Phacellini Brachychilus literatus Blanchard in Gay
Lamiinae Phacellini Brachychilus scutelaris Blanchard in Gay
Lamiinae Phacellini Piola quiabentiae Marinoni
Lamiinae Phacellini Piola sp.  
Lamiinae Phrynetini Phryneta aurocincta Guerin-Meneville
Lamiinae Phrynetini Phryneta leprosa Fabricius
Lamiinae Phryssomini Parechthistatus gibber Bates
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Conizonia detrita Fabricius
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas cana cana (Newman)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas cana saturnina (LeConte)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas cineracea Casey
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas confusa Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas femoralis Haldeman
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas inornata (Say)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas linsleyi Knull
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas marmorata  
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas peregrinus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas pergrata (Say)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas saturnina LeConte
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas (Dylobolus) rotundicollis Thomson
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas (Mecas) bicallosa Martins
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas (Mecas) marginella LeConte
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas (Mecas) menthae Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas (Mecas) obereoides Bates
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Mecas (Pannychis) sericeus (Thomson)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Musaria nigripes Voet
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Nitocris pascoei Thomson
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea affinis Harris
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea delongi Knull
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea erythrocephala Schrk.
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea flavipes Haldeman
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea gracilis (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea mandarina Fabricius
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea ocellata Haldeman
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea perspicillata Haldeman
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea praelonga Casey
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea quadricallosa LeConte
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea ruficollis (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea schaumi LeConte
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea tripunctata (Swederus)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Oberea gracilis (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Phytoecia coerulescens Scopoli
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Phytoecia cylindrica Linnaeus
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Phytoecia longitarsus Rtt.
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Phytoecia pustulata Schrank
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Phytoecia rufipes Olivier
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Phytoecia rufiventris Gaut.& Cott.
Lamiinae Phytoeciini Pseudolinda quinquepunctata (Bates)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Alphomorphus vandykei (Linsley)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Callipogonius cornutus Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Callipogonius sp.  
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Ecyrus albifrons Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Ecyrus arcuatus Gahan
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Ecyrus dasycerus dasycerus (Say)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Ecyrus dasycerus floridanus Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Ecyrus hirtipes Gahan
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Ecyrus lineicollis Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Ecyrus penicillatus Bates
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Lophopogonius crinitus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Lypsimmena fuscata Haldeman
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus arizonicus Schaeffer
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus fasiculatus DeGeer
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus hispidus Linnaeus
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus mixtus Haldeman
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus ovatus Goeze
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus perroudi (Mulsant)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus pictus Fall
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus sp.  
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus (Eupogonocherus) parvulus LeConte
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus (Eupogonocherus) pictus Fall
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Pogonocherus (Pogonocherus) penicillatus LeConte in Agassiz
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus abietis Tyson
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus batesi Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus californicus (Schaeffer)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus concolor (Schaeffer)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus hesperus Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus negundo (Schaeffer)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus nuevoleonis Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus nuevoleonis nuevoleonis Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus nuevoleonis similnegundo Skiles
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus obscurus albidus Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus obscurus obscurus (Fall)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus obscurus ponderosae Van Dyke
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus obscurus schaefferi Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus oregonus (LeConte)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus sp.  
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus sparsus Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Poliaenus volitans (LeConte)
Lamiinae Pogonocherini Zaplous annulatus (Chevrolat)
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis angustata Buquet
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis batesi Hovore & McCarty
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis belti Hovore & McCarty
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis fabricii Thomson
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis gracilis Bates
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis grandini Buquet
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis jansoni Pascoe
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis michaeli McCarty
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis papulosa (Olivier)
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis paraensis Bates
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis pilosa (Lane)
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis spinipennis Laporte
Lamiinae Polyrhaphidini Polyrhaphis spinosa Drury
Lamiinae Prosopocerini Prosopocera sp.  
Lamiinae Pterolophiini Ischioplites metutus Pascoe
Lamiinae Pteropliini Abryna coenosa obscure  
Lamiinae Pteropliini Anobrium rugosicolle Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia alboscutellata Fisher
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia alpha Chemsak & Noguera
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia arizonica Fisher
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia brunnea Champlain & Knull
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia canescens (Bates)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia crypta (Say)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia falli Breuning
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia fulvifrons (Bates)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia haitiensis Fisher
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia hubbardi Fisher
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia linearis (Bates)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia lineata (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia nivisparsa (Bates)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia obscura (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia obtusa Bates
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia perplexa (Gahan)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia sp.  
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia spinicauda Schaeffer
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia tibialis Schaeffer
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia variegata Fisher
Lamiinae Pteropliini Ataxia yucatana Breuning
Lamiinae Pteropliini Cryptocranium laterale Audinet-Serville
Lamiinae Pteropliini Epectasis grossepunctata  
Lamiinae Pteropliini Epectasis hiekei Breuning
Lamiinae Pteropliini Epectasis juncea (Newman)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Epectasis sp.  
Lamiinae Pteropliini Eschlogenopsis ochreoscutellaris Breuning
Lamiinae Pteropliini Esthlogena albisetosa Bates
Lamiinae Pteropliini Esthlogena foveolata Aurivillius
Lamiinae Pteropliini Esthlogena guatemalena Bates
Lamiinae Pteropliini Esthlogena mirandilla Bates
Lamiinae Pteropliini Esthlogena (Esthlogena) porosa Bates
Lamiinae Pteropliini Euteles sp.  
Lamiinae Pteropliini Niphona y. yanoi Matsushita
Lamiinae Pteropliini Pterolophia annulata (Chevrolat)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Pterolophia caudata (Bates)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Pterolophia leiopodina Bates
Lamiinae Pteropliini Pterolophia zonata (Bates)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Rhaphiptera notata (Voet)
Lamiinae Pteropliini Rhaphiptera sp.  
Lamiinae Rhodopinini Sophronica sp.  
Lamiinae Saperdini Glenea beatrix Thomson
Lamiinae Saperdini Glenea cantor (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Saperdini Glenea chrysomaculata  
Lamiinae Saperdini Glenea lefebvrei Guerin
Lamiinae Saperdini Glenea spinifera Voet
Lamiinae Saperdini Glenea spp.  
Lamiinae Saperdini Menesia bipunctata Zoubk.
Lamiinae Saperdini Paraglenea fortunei Saunders
Lamiinae Saperdini Paraglenea swinhoei Bates
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda calcarata Say
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda calceata Say
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda candida Fabricius
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda carcharias Linnaeus
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda cretata Newman
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda discoidea Fabricius
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda fayi Bland
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda horni Joutel
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda imitans Felt & Joutel
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda inornata Say
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda lateralis Fabricius
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda mutica Say
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda obliqua Say
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda ocularis populnea Linnaeus
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda ocularis populnea moesta LeConte
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda ocularis populnea tulari Felt & Joutel
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda populnea moesta LeConte
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda populnea tulari Felt & Joutel
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda punctata  
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda puncticollis Say
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda sanguinolenta  
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda scalaris Linnaeus
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda similis Laicharting
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda sp  
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda tridentata Olivier
Lamiinae Saperdini Saperda vestita Say
Lamiinae Saperdini Stenostola dubia Laicharting
Lamiinae Saperdini Stenostola ferrea Schrk.
Lamiinae Saperdini Stibara morbillosa (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Saperdini Stibara tricolor (Fabricius)
Lamiinae Saperdini Thyestilla gebleri Fald.
Lamiinae Sternotomini Stellognatha maculate Olivier
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis callais Fairmaire
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis chrysopras Voet
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis m. targava Westwood
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis mirabilis Drury
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis p. imperialis Fabricius
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis p. obscura Voet
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis pulchra Drury
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis sp.  
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis variabilis Quedenfeldt
Lamiinae Sternotomini Sternotomis virescens Westwood
Lamiinae Sternotomini Zographus regalis Brown
Lamiinae Sternotomini Zoographus aulicus Berthold
Lamiinae Sternotomini Zoographus sp.  
Lamiinae Tapeinini Tapeina dispar Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville
Lamiinae Tapeinini Tapeina melzeri Zajciw
Lamiinae Tapeinini Tapeina paulista Marinoni
Lamiinae Tapeinini Tapeina rudifrons Marinoni
Lamiinae Tapeinini Tapeina transversifrons Thomson
Lamiinae Tapeinini Tapeina transversifrons centralis (Marinoni)
Lamiinae Tetraopini Chreonoma fortune Thomson
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea acromela Pascoe
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea auricapilla  
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea biplagiata Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea crocata Pascoe
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea flavovittata Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea juanitae Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea lateralis Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea lawi Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea marthae Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea maryannae Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea maxima Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea miniata Pascoe
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea miniata nr. Pascoe
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea mirabilis Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea monostigma (Haldeman)
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea phthiscia Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea rubella Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea rufiventris Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea semirufa Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea sp.  
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea tricolor Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Phaea vitticollis Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes annulatus LeConte
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes basalis LeConte
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes batesi Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes cleroides Thomson
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes collaris LeConte
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes discoideus LeConte
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes elegans Horn
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes femoratus LeConte
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes ineditus Chemsak & Giesbert
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes linsleyi Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes mandibularis Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes mankinsi Chemsak & Linsley
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes melanurus Schoenherr
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes paracomes Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes pauper LeConte
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes pilosus Chemsak
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes quinquemaculatus Haldeman
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes spp.  
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes sublaevis Casey
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes tetrophthalmus (Forster)
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes texanus Horn
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes thermophilus Chevrolat
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes thoreyi Bates
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes umbonatus LeConte
Lamiinae Tetraopini Tetraopes varicornis Laporte
Lamiinae Tetropini Tetrops gilvipes Fald.
Lamiinae Tetropini Tetrops jucunda LeConte
Lamiinae Tetropini Tetrops praeusta (Linnaeus)
Lamiinae Tmesisternini Sphingnotus sp.  
Lamiinae Tmesisternini Sphingnotus yorkensis Fairmaire
Lamiinae Tmesisternini Tmesisternus politus Blan.
Lamiinae Tmesisternini Tmesisternus sp.  
Lamiinae Tmesisternini Tmesisternus stolatus Erichson
Lamiinae Tmesisternini Tmesisternus trivittatus Guerin-Meneville
Lamiinae Tragocephalini Graciella pulchella Klug
Lamiinae Tragocephalini Tragocephala sp.  
Lamiinae Tragocephalini Tragocephala variegata Berthold
Lamiinae Tragocephalini Tragocephala venusta Klug
Lamiinae Trigonopterini Trigonoptera pseudomaculata Breuning
Lamiinae Xenofreini Xenofrea anomala Bates
Lamiinae Xenofreini Xenofrea areolata Bates
Lamiinae Xenofreini Xenofrea nana Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Xenofreini Xenofrea punctata Galileo & Martins
Lamiinae Xenofreini Xenofrea sp.  
Lamiinae Xenofreini Xenofrea trigonalis Bates
Lamiinae Xenofreini Xenofrea zonata Bates
Lamiinae Xylorhizini Cymatura sp.  
Lamiinae Xylorhizini Xylorhiza adjusta (Wiedeman)
Lamiinae   Coelasterna castetsi Pascoe
Lamiinae   Diochares ambigenus Chevrolat
Lamiinae   Dorcatypus tristis Linnaeus
Lamiinae   Hecphora testator Fabricius
Lamiinae   Marensis n.sp.  
Lamiinae   Pseudacolesthes chrysothrix Bates
Lamiinae   Pseudohammus oculifrons Chevrolat
Lamiinae   Ramularius pygmaeus Aurivillius
Lamiinae   Stenidea annulicornis Brulle